Darkhawk #39 (V1)

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Darkhawk has learned from Ocsh that his bodies and powers as Darkhawk have changed. He finds that he’s easily able to fly in space, shoot beams from his eyes, as well as now successfully wrap his force-field around his entire body and shape it as needed, as well as his force blast from his chest being made of up Darkforce Energy. Ocsh informs Darkhawk that he has done well at that St. Johnny has been placed under control for now, his future, uncertain. But that there was no time to consider such matters and that they needed to press on with recovering all of the Darkhawk Amulets in order to save the multiverse.

Darkhawk learns that he has sent his “Chris Powell” self to Earth, while the two are separated; and that St. Johnny, while under Evilhawk’s thrall was trying to redesign a new body for himself; it was that design that had been transferred into Darkhawk, allowing him to change has he had, granting him an assortment of new powers that went above and beyond what he had previously been able to do. Ocsh does explain that he’s uncertain what will happen if Chris Powell and Darkhawk remained separated for more than 72 hours; and that it was entirely possible that they could both perish as a result.

On Earth, Chris and the others in his family are reunited with their father, and decide that it’s past time to leave the Hotel that they had taken refuge in while hiding from Broderick. They head for Manhattan Island, their new home, and Chris’ father asks about school, in which Chris explains he had been suspended for missing class. His father says now would not be the time to discuss it, not wanting to sully the moment, but that they would talk about his behavior later. Chris considers telling his parents the secret of him being Darkhawk.

Back in space, Darkhawk goes after the next amulet, where there seems to be a cosmic storm that has ravaged many moons and ships that had passed through. The amulet destroys an entire planet, the shock-waves of such a pulse, sending ripples through space that rattle Darkhawk, even with his forcefield up. Darkhawk manages to capture the amulet within the casing, but immediately finds himself attacked by aliens who desire the power of the amulet to destroy their enemies.

Back at Earth, Chris Powell has returned to his job at the Radio Station, where he is no longer an Intern, but still being paid the same amount; it’s there he meets Laura McGuire who boasts being able to do what Chris is doing when she was ten years old; and having more experience and knowledge than Chris and Marley together.

In space, Darkhawk opens the container, unleashing a fraction of its power upon the aliens and their ship, disabling their systems and allowing Darkhawk to escape. Back at the Darkhawk ship, Ocsh informs Darkhawk that he must be healed, but can no longer switch bodies as he did before, since they are separated; and the new healing process involves a bit of … pain. During the healing, Darkhawk is contacted by Evilhawk who warns him not to trust Ocsh, and that Ocsh will betray Darkhawk in the end and destroy everything Darkhawk has ever fought for and loved. Ocsh informs Darkhawk that he’s not surprised that Evilhawk has stooped to such steps.

On Earth, as Chris is leaving the Radio Station, he is approached by a man who informs him that he must help save the Multiverse, and that Ocsh is the true threat. Not believing the man, Chris flees, accusing the man of being sent by Evilhawk.