Darkhawk #41 (V1)

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The issue begins with Ocsh explaining that he will destroy the Amulets. Darkhawk yells that Ocsh has lost it, due to being disembodied from his own physical form. Ocsh explains that the power of the Amulets is indeed intoxicating, but that they must all be destroyed. Evilhawk tries to reemerge only to have Ocsh put him away again; but Evilhawk is still able to speak telepathically to Darkhawk and explain that everything evil he’s ever done, what Ocsh is about to do is infinitely worse. Darkhawk finally sees that Evilhawk may be right, and that there are responsible people who might out the amulets to good use. Distracted by Darkhawk, Ocsh does not see the crackle of energy, nor the figure that disappears; until suddenly Evilhawk manifests himself once more.

Back on Earth, Chris Powell and Ned make their way inside the World Trade Center, and climb up to the antenna. Once there, Ned is able to make a connection to St. Johnny, who is being held prisoner by Ocsh. Ned makes contact, thrusting them both into the Multiverse, heading for the Darkhawk Ship.

Aboard the very ship, Evilhawk fights Ocsh and the drones that Ocsh sends after him. With Ocsh distracted, Darkhawk breaks free and decides to side with Evilhawk for now, knowing that in the end, he will have to face him as well. Darkhawk grabs his amulet and tries to destroy it, temporarily causing Ocsh some great pain; but his amulet reforms itself. He attaches himself back to the amulet and finds himself under attack by Ocsh and Evilhawk; only to have St. Johnny awaken and attack him as well. Darkhawk, realizing he’s out numbered, over powered, recalls that Ocsh said only his imagination limits the use of his amulet; so he summons the “Dark Force Darkhawk” to slice through the ship. St. Johnny, free of Evilhawk due to the explosion, grabs Chris and Ned, as they enter the multiverse. Evilhawk tries to attack, just as Ocsh realizes something… Ocsh, now psychically linked to the amulets, is able to blast Evilhawk and recreate the ship with ease. Ocsh summons everyone inside, where St. Johnny, having fought the techno-virus to the best of his abilities, dies. Evilhawk uses the chance to siege the amulets and become powerful; only to have Darkhawk attack him. Darkhawk absorbs all the power of the amulets into himself, and feels the intoxication of power; but Chris convinces Darkhawk to put the power back into the amulets. Darkhawk then destroys all the amulets, save his own.

Darkhawk is about to destroy his own amulet, when Ned tells him not to. He explains that St. Johnny is dead, Ocsh was destroyed by Evilhawk, and Evilhawk himself was comatose and would be returned to his planet to face the crimes of intergalactic offenses. He also explains that Chris and Darkhawk can not be reemerged, but can continue to co-exist on Earth. Ned teleports them both down to Earth.