Nova #5 (V3)

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Nova #5 (V3)

The issue begins with Nova waking up in Ginger’s bed. Ginger and Nova talk, and she thanks Nova for saving her life. She explains that she’s now free from Darren, and that the court had granted her a divorce under special circumstances. Now free of Darren and the abuse, she realizes how much better her life is, even if she is going to lose the house and everything else. She was, at last, free again.

Half a world away, Red Raven holds council with those like him. He explains that Condor has wrong him, and that humans have wronged them all – and that it was time that humans were made to see what they were doing to the world. Rich gets a hold of Bernie and Roger to bring him some spare clothes to Ginger’s. From there, Rich goes to see his brother, Robbie, at his lab. Robbie unfortunately, turns Rich away, claiming that he could not help Rich with the flux of his powers and suggests contacting Reed Richards.

The scene cuts to Rich and Roger in the clubhouse at the baseball game, getting ready when Robbie Baldwin approaches Rich and asks if he would like to reform the New Warriors. Rich declines, thinking that joining the New Warriors would be a step backwards and that if he was going to join a team, it’d be something like the Avengers.

Another scene change and we see Rich knock another out of the park, when Bernie suddenly comes running up explaining that Rich’s parent’s condo was on fire and that there was some kind of major brawl happening. Rich excuses himself to investigate what’s happen.

The scene shifts and we see Spider-Man rescue a mother and her child; and comes down to see three villains in action; Badd Axe, Firearms, and Vampiro. Spider-Man underestimates Vampiro and ends up being thrown towards a raging fire. Nova arrives and saves him. Together, they manage to beat the trio.

The scene changes and we see that Robbie Rider has saved up his money and purchased their old house and restored it – as a gift to his parents.