New Warriors #5 (V5)

New Warriors #5 (V5)


The issue begins with two mysterious figures playing a game of Chess. One of the figures, with a boney hand, and long nails, explains, that though the High Evolutionary has been defeated; the Celestials are still coming and they will judge the Earth, and everyone shall die. The figure goes on to explain that he can defeat these space gods, because he is older than them; and the pieces are already in play to set him free from his prison.

The scene shifts to Wundagore Mountain, where the New Warriors, in an attempt to track down the High Evolutionary, continue to battle an battalion of robots. After winning another round, Justice turns to Scarlet Spider and explains that he knows he’s not the previous Scarlet Spider he knew (Ben Riley), nor is he any of the Scarlet Spiders (from MVP). Watersnake interrupts and says, it doesn’t matter who he is – he was willing to lay down his life for everyone. Justice then turns to her and begins to question her, and she shouts, “I am not Namorita!” She goes on to explain that her name is “Fara Sar Namora” and that she is a servant of Namora, sent out to find Namorita, and bring her home. Justice tries to explain the fate of Namorita, but Watersnake says, “Our ancestors have sensed her. She is alive!” Watersnake storms off, and as she enters a room – for a brief moment, she sees all of the New Warriors, hanging upside down and bleeding, with pentagrams on the floor. Justice asks if she is alright, and the vision vanishes.

Not far from them, Sungirl, Haechi, Hummingbird, and Speedball kick down the door of a tavern, proclaiming they’re there to save them – but none of the people seem to be in any danger.

Switching back to Watersnake, Scarlet Spider, and Justice, something attacks them in the halls – cutting Justice’s shirt to pieces, and digging deep into his flesh.

The scene shifts back to Speedball, Sungirl, Haechi, and Hummingbird, and we see them having a good time, eating, and getting to know one another. Speedball makes a round of questions, where Sungirl explains that her father is an “inventor” and that she is a college student when she’s not being a “super hero”; Haechi explains he’s got no super hero name yet (and didn’t realize he needed one), and for the first time, mentions the only family he has is his grandmother; and when it gets to Hummingbird, she explains she is not sure where she got her powers; but it involved a fire salamander, some Mexican werewolves and a Coyote; all of which talk to her in her dreams.

Hummingbird then asks if Speedball still cuts himself to get his power; because of the town (Stamford) blowing up (the event that triggered Civil War, when the New Warriors tried to bring in Nitro and a few others; Nitro ignited, killing over 600 people around him, including Namorita, Night Thrasher, and Microbe – and an entire school full of children). Then she asks if there’s really spikes in there. When Hummingbird looks at Speedball, she sees the Penance armor around him. (This leads to the idea that perhaps the Speedball persona and image everyone else is seeing is an illusion; since she seems to be indicating that cutting himself is how he still triggers his powers and “spikes in there” indicate he is still wearing the Penance armor!) Speedball warns her telepathically to never speak of this and to never probe his mind again.

The scene shifts back to Justice, Scarlet Spider and Watersnake fighting their mysterious assailant. It turns out to be a humanoid cat about to rip out Justice’s throat, until Scarlet Spider unleashes some webbing; then it goes after him, and it’s not until Watersnake breaks a water mane that she’s able to douse the humanoid feline. A humanoid canine appears, asking that the feline be spared and explains that they’re both a part of the New Men; simple creatures evolved by science. He goes on to explain his name is Caninus and the feline humanoid is Feliantus.

Adding to the mystery of Watersnake, she hears someone calling her name and turns to see a burning note, with illegible text on it. She picks up the note and looks at it, and a figure seemingly appears behind her; whose hands resemble the same hands at the beginning of the issue, with the long nails, that had been playing chess.

When asked where to go, those members of the New Warriors decide on New York (for the most part), and Caninus teleports the entire mountain of Wundagore to New York City!