Nova #22 (V6)

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Nova #22 (V6)

The issue begins with Sam Alexander on the Moon, the former home of Uatu, The Watcher, who had recently been murdered. Sam talks to no one in particular, questioning why the Watcher (who knew the future) did not do anything to prevent his own murder. Sam goes on to speak of the current things that have happened in his life; from finding his father, his sister wearing the Black Nova Helmet, losing the house, and getting kicked out of school. He also talks about how he has always been proud of his father; but he doesn’t want to follow in his footsteps and not graduate high school. After completing the Watcher shrine, Sam excuses himself and returns back to Earth.

On Earth, Sam confronts Principal Philbin and explains that the reason he had been absent for so long is that he had gotten news about his father and sought him out to try and help him. The Principal feels bad, and allows Sam to return to class. When Sam runs in – he’s surprised to see everyone dressed up, unaware (having lost track of time), that it was Halloween. Sam gets a text from someone at The Jean Grey School about hanging out for Halloween. When he arrives, one of the students tells Sam that they had thought they texted Speedball, not Nova. However, they extend the invite to Sam to hang out with them on Halloween. He is joined by Kid Gladiator, Nature Girl, Genesis, and Armor all dressed in various Halloween costumes. They stumble upon some young children who have had their candy stolen by someone. They decide to go after the ones who stole the candy and capture them – forcing them to apologize for their actions.

Elsewhere in space, Sam’s father is given a chance to send a hologram communication back to Earth; only to find the home that they once lived in is now empty!

When Sam gets home, his mother tells him that Captain America has called and wants Sam to come over to Avenger’s Mansion immediately!