Nova #2 (V5)

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Nova #2 (V5)

The issue begins with Nova landing on Earth, on the front lawn of his parents. After clarifying who he was, his parents welcome him in and explain that they’re thankful that he isn’t dead along with the other New Warriors. Shocked, Nova asks which New Warriors, but neither of the parents remember the names.

In the middle of his father’s rant about the Warriors and their death, Nova senses something amiss and excuses himself. He steps outside and sees a S.H.I.E.L.D. army standing in his front lawn, along with Iron Man. Nova agrees to go with Iron Man, where Tony speaks frankly with Rich.

Nova can hardly believe that after billions of lives lost, important economic and political destruction, the death of Quasar, and even the death of Thanos, all due to the Annihilation Wave, Iron Man reports that they only heard vaguely about it. When Iron Man asks what happened to Annihilus, Nova explains that he ripped his insides out and saved the entire universe. He then asks Tony, “What have you done lately?”

Iron Man asks Nova to register, as it is a law now, thanks to the results of Civil War. Nova tells Iron Man he will give it some thought. Justice talks to Nova, and explains what happened to the New Warriors, and explains who died, and how Speedball managed to live, thanks to his powers – but that he was in jail.

Nova leaves and flies home. In his room, he looks at everything from pictures with the New Warriors, to posters on his way – and he realizes that Earth has changed since he has been gone – or perhaps, it is he who has changed too much.

Later still, Rich’s father goes downstairs to see Rich sitting up, eyes and mouth glowing – and the WorldMind tries to assure Rich’s father that everything is all right. When Rich snaps out of his, his father exclaims that he doesn’t even know who or what Rich is anymore.

The next day, Rich is walking down the street when Diamondhead tries to attack him – with one quick blast, Nova takes off Diamondhead’s hand and incapacitates him. Nova takes him to the police, and steps out the door to be welcome by Venom, Moonstone, Radioactive Man and Penance – The Thunderbolts!