Darkhawk #31 (V1)

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This issue is a part of the Infinity Crusade Crossover.

The issue begins with Darkhawk and the other “non converted” heroes agreeing that they will bring the challenge to “The Goddess” on her home planet, Paradrise Omega. (You can read more about that in: Infinity Crusade #1 – 3). In the ship, Reed and Vision tend to the ship’s direction; while Polaris, Thing, Strong Guy and Night Thrasher pass the time gambling; others like Havok, Cyclops, Human Torch, Psylocke and Wildheart, sit pondering what they’re heading into. Spider-Woman records her thoughts on a recorder for her daughter to one day, hopefully hear. Thing invites Darkhawk to the card game, but Darkhawk declines, not feeling social.

Darkhawk excuses himself and heads into a room where he thinks about the battle being over so he can follow up and see if his father really is alive, as it appeared to be the case when he had been thrown back in time by Zarkko’s machine.

The scene shifts back to Earth, where Grace is called into Police Custody because the police believe they have the one who had killed the mobster earlier. However, they have the wrong person, as Broderick Bazin claims the life of another monster, by the name of Mathers at a junk yard. Elsewhere, around the same time, Allegra arrives at Chris Powell’s home and insists on talking to Chris, but Jason informs her that he’s moved out and he doesn’t know where Chris has moved to.

Back aboard the ship, Spider-Woman approaches Darkhawk and tries to talk to him, but he grows angry about his life falling apart. Spider-Woman is forced to throw a Psi-Web on his fist, to prevent him from nearly striking out at her. Just then Night Thrasher walks in, furious at having lost at the gambling. He and Darkhawk get into a verbal argument that turns physical. Northstar, Strong Guy and Firestar try to put a stop to it – but when Night Thrasher slaps Northstar in the face, Northstar returns the favor with a high speed punch. Wildheart debates joining the fight, but thinks better of it; unfortunately Strong Guy is itching for a fight and grabs Wildheart and throws him, telling him to have a “Alpha Flight.”

During the fight, Darkhawk’s blast strikes the fuel line, and the fun brawl is forced to come to an end as the heroes work together to restore the fuel line and restore order.

On Earth, Grace arrives just in time to see Allegra. Allegra offers to help carry Grace’s bags, but Grace wants nothing to do with her and tells her to get lost. All the while Broderick is watching and smirking, enjoying the fact that his “enemies” are fighting.

Grace takes the kids to the movies, unaware that Broderick is waiting for her.