Darkhawk #4 (V1)

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Darkhawk #4 (V1)

The issue opens up with someone putting on the Savage Steel armor, and wondering if the money spent will be worth it.

The scene shifts to Ryker’s Island Prison, where Darkhawk is seen breaking into the prison. He manages to avoid the security that seem to be scrambling about and captures a custodian to ask where Louie McPhee is being held. The custodian gives Darkhawk the information, and Darkhawk pays a visit to Louie, who is one of the mobsters that Chris had seen paying off his father at Wonderland. Darkhawk asks for the location of Mike Powell, suspecting that Bazin may have something to do with his father’s disappearance, but Louie swears he doesn’t know and that the money was to pay Mike to tell his wife to lay off the Bazin case and arrangement pay offs to the crew of Lilliput. Before Darkhawk can get more information, security officers arrive. Darkhawk explains that they’re on the same side but has no time for explanations. Louie’s cell mate, Sykes, grabs one of the officer’s guns and tells Darkhawk to take him with him or he’s going to kill the officer. Suddenly Darkhawk’s view zooms in on the cellmate and Darkhawk deploys his talon-hook, striking the prisoner in the head with enough force to knock him out.

Darkhawk makes his escape by plunging into the ocean, and getting a ride from some local fishermen. In an alleyway in lower Manhattan, he transforms back to Chris, and is confronted by the owner of the property who tells him to get lost. Chris makes it back home but is scorned by his mother for being late again, and forcing her to miss an important meeting that dealt with the Bazin prosecution. Grace then mentions that they should all go out and grab dinner, but Chris excuses himself to go “hang out with some friends.” In truth, Chris is headed for the Copper Lantern, where off duty officers often hang out – but before he gets there he finds a note on his bike – once again warning him to give up the Darkhawk armor while he still can. At the Copper Lantern, Chris asks the off duty officers about his father, which triggers a reaction from Officer Florio who says he never liked Mike, and he doesn’t care for Chris either. Officer Tim Zafar helps Chris out and gets him out of the Copper Lantern.

At home Chris transforms into Darkhawk in the bathroom and wants to see what he looks like beneath his helmet – but before he can his younger brother pounds on the door and reminds Chris that it’s ten o’clock. He quickly changes back to Chris, and tells his mother that he and Cheryl got in a fight and he was going over there to mend fences; promising to be home before midnight. Darkhawk arrives at the Marine Air Terminal and sees several men unloading cocaine to be distributed within the United States. Just as he’s about to act, he’s suddenly grabbed by Savage Steel. Savage Steel hits Darkhawk hard enough to knock lose his helmet. Savage Steel grabs Darkhawk by the throat but is horrified by Darkhawk’s face. Darkhawk blasts him while he’s distracted, but it does little to phase Savage Steel. Darkhawk escapes into the rafters and pulls a steel rafter down upon the plane that Savage Steel is standing next to, causing a massive explosion. Savage Steel bursts from the explosion unscathed. Darkhawk notices that Savage Steel seems to be escaping with the criminals who were startled by the fighting – but then is surprised when Savage Steel blasts the fan forcing it to wipe out and crash into a fuel reserve, killing all the mobsters within the van within the fiery inferno.

In an abandoned service station, several officers and off duty officers gather around talking about Savage Steel. Seating among them is none other than Savage Steel. They discuss how they finally have their own “Punisher” – but one that isn’t a wild card – it’s one controlled by cops.

At Chris’ home, in the guise of Darkhawk, he removes his helmet and looks in the mirror and is horrified by what he sees.