Nova #16 (V1)

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Nova #16 (V1)

The issue begins with Rich taking the final exam for Spanish 3 and fearing for the worse. Realizing he’s done the best he can, he then excuses himself to leave. Outside, Ginger approaches him and tells him that he’s been ignoring her, Bernie and Caps for the last three weeks. Realizing that his time as Nova has been eating away at the time he once spent with them, he decides that he can’t explain the reasons why he’s changed. Rich excuses himself rather abruptly and nearly collides into Caps. A guy named Mack approaches Ginger and asks if she wants to go on a walk with him; and she explains that she’d be delighted since she doesn’t belong to anyone – especially Richard Rider!

Rich goes home to be surprised by the fact that his brother is there with news of their father being arrested for committing a robbery. His brother explains that their mother is already at downtown and that they need to go – however, at that moment, Nick Fury calls and says they need Nova. So Rich excuses himself, much to the dismay and disbelief of his younger brother, and flies to meet Fury.

Off the coast of New York, Nova and Fury begin battling numerous armed men flying through the sky on jetpacks. At that same time, Rich’s younger brother finds his own way to downtown, to the police station to meet with his mother and father. When his father asks if Rich is with him, his brother explains that he apparently had something more important to do; to which the father replies that he would not blame Rich, since he probably doesn’t want to be associated with a criminal.

Nova and Fury continue to battle the enemies just off the shore of New York, until one of the enemies decides to take shots at the Roosevelt Island Tramway – Nova manages to save the people. But just as he does, Yellowclaw – the one who has been watching Nova and working closely with Voltzmann appears and renders Nova and Nick Fury unconscious using a Cerebral Deprogrammer. Yellowclaw’s minions capture Nick Fury and Nova and carry them away!