Speedball #6 (V1)

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Speedball #6 (V1)

The issue begins with the villainous Bug Eyed Voice robbing a bank; it’s televised on the television (a reenactment of it anyway), which leads Robbie’s parents arguing about “real” people versus “reel” people.

Later as Robbie is walking, one of the reporters for the newspaper; the other for the television are seen arguing. They both bump into Robbie nearly triggering his powers when they see the Bug Eyed Voice. They give chance but he manages to get away in his car.

The Bug Eyed Voice notices he makes front page and the main news story. He picks up an article about the City Historical Exhibition and claims this will be the last heist and he will be able to enjoy a tax-free early retirement.

Robbie and his parents show up to the Exhibition, though Robbie is quickly bored. For Justin and Madeline, both of them are reminded of their own past – including their ties to the murdered Alex Bow – and how neither of them has shared some of their secrets regarding Alex Bow.

Bug Eyed Voice is seen moving outside in the shadows. When the historical coins arrive, Bug Eyed Voice makes his move. He orders everyone into the back and locks the room. Fortunately, Speedball was not there and comes bouncing in. Bug Eyed Voice knocks him away and Speedball grabs a chord to try and gain control of his bouncing; he pulls the live wire which strikes Bug Eyed Voice’s metallic helm, shorting it out. Bug Eyed Voice makes a break for it but is captured by local authorities outside.

The back story in this issue deals with Speedball chasing down Niels again. (Although it’s interesting to note that Niels had previously – and usually – been shown as an orange cat. This time he’s shown as a white cat). – NewWarriors.com

Things only get stranger when aliens seem to be observing Niels and his ability to bounce around and insist on capturing him. In school, Robbie’s teacher is having the students do an oral report on animals; Robbie naturally picks cats for his selection, since he was obsessed with Niels.

Robbie tries to coax Niels with milk and toy mice. Niels comes springing out of nowhere so Robbie alters himself into Speedball and gives chance – just as he’s about to grab Niels a net snares the bouncing kitty! It’s the aliens!

Speedball engages with the aliens and finds that they’re humanoid cats! He throws some catnip at them, blinding them temporarily as his powers calm down – allowing Robbie Baldwin to stand in the place of Speedball. The humanoid cats calm down and take their things and depart; and Robbie scores an excellent mark on his oral exam.