Nova #17 (V1)

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Nova #17 (V1)

The issue begins with Nova regaining consciousness – strapped to a bomb headed directly for Washington, DC. Nova uses his ability to fly to tilt the bomb’s angle and lands it safely in the water, where he is able to snap the bonds that hold him and Nick Fury.

Despite what Nova wants – he realizes he needs to get back to school as soon as possible. Dressed as Rich Rider, he collides into Caps once again. When Caps inquires as to where Rich has been, he snaps back an answer – only to have Ginger appear and say that Rich is acting way out of line and that they were once friends – emphasis on the word “were.”

Richard then goes to the local jail into downtown where he meets up with his mother, brother and father. When his father complains that the family is falling apart, Rich retorts that he is a fine one to speak considering what he was in jail for. His mother slaps him and Rich explains that it’s best if he moved out of the house. Leaving there, he heads for the pier to clear his head – where none other than the ever resourceful Nick Fury meets up with him. Fury brings Nova to the S.H.I.E.L.D. E.S.P. Machine where they feed Nova’s mind various thoughts from around the world, to try and discover the location of Yellowclaw.

Speaking of Yellowclaw, the scene shifts to where he is explaining his next plan – to unleash a tidal wave that would crest over three thousand feet and slam into the shore of New York.

Just a few moments later, Nova and Fury manages to sneak into the underwater base of Yellowclaw. Just as they reach Yellowclaw he unleashes the tidal wave – Nova realizes that he now has a new priority – stopping the wave. However, his best efforts prove to do very little. Fury shows up with a number of ships to attempt to blast the wave and disperse its raging power. He tells Nova to go after Yellowclaw again. Chasing Yellowclaw he manages to catch up – but rather than fight, Yellowclaw asks that Nova hear him out first… all the while holding his Psychogun behind his back!