Nova #27 (V6)

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Nova #27 (V6)

The principal stands between Carnage and Sam, and tries to defend Sam, but begins laughing at the notion that Sam Alexander was the “great hero” Nova, and that Sam Alexander knew the likes of Captain America and the rest of the Avengers. Just then, what appears to be Nova flying through the sky, pointed out by Sam, forces Carnage to turn and chase after this “Nova.” Carnage smacks Principal Philbin to the side and Sam shouts for someone to call 911.

Sam grabs his skateboard and meets his mother, and his younger sister, who is wearing the Nova outfit. Sam takes it from her, his plan to fool Carnage into thinking that Sam Alexander isn’t Nova, now effectively executed. Sam takes the Nova outfit and flies off to deal with Carnage.

The fight between Nova and Carnage continues; with Nova’s power cutting out throughout the fight. Nova eventually drops Carnage off in the middle of an Anthrax concert. The symbiote, affected by high frequency sounds, sleeks away. The fight eventually resumes outside of the concert, where Sam is finally able to defeat Carnage. When he asks why Carnage is after him, Cletus explains that he has always had bad thoughts in his head; the desire and craving to do horrible things to anyone and everybody he has ever seen; and that for some reason, when the magic happened (the events from Axis), those thoughts were gone; he wanted to be a good person. He wanted to be someone that people could look up to, be proud of. But after the effects of the magic wore off, those dark, sinister, vile, cravings returned again. Nova feels sympathy for Cletus and drops him off with the local police to take care of Cletus. On the way home, the helmet’s power gives out again, and Sam realizes if he has any hope of being Nova again, he needs to get the helmet fixed.

He asks for help from Beast, Tony Stark, and eventually goes to ask Reed Richards, when he meets Doc Green within the Baxter Building!

This story continues into NOVA ANNUAL #1.