Speedball #2 (V1)

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Speedball #2 (V1)

The issue opens up with a man named Garson and some mysterious figure wearing an outfit that allows him to control “magnetic glue” looking for the final paperwork for the magnetic glue compound in the office of Dr. Haven. Doctor Haven walks in on Garson, knowing exactly what he was looking for – however, the mysterious figure in the magnetic glue armor manages to get the drop on Doctor Haven.

The scene shifts to Robbie chasing after Niels; having been requested to do so by none other than Doctor Benson. While Robbie pursues Niels, he overhears Doctor Benson speaking with the two other doctors who had been present; that it would appear Niels had absorbed a portion of the extra-dimensional energy that they had unleashed. Robbie realized now, finding the cat may be the only thing to find a “cure” for his new found powers.

One of the doctors then remembers that he had to call Doctor Haven, and does so. A scene shift shows the man in the magnetic glue costume – now calling himself “The Sticker” – tells Garson to answer the phone and pretend to be Doctor Haven’s assistant. Garson does so and is told that they’re sending the paperwork for the magnetic glue formula over. Robbie is selected to bring over the paperwork. When he arrives, Garson pushes Robbie down into the attic and steals the paperwork.

The fall causes Robbie to change into Speedball and as such, he goes to the door and tries to force it open. Unable to open the door, Robbie then uses his powers in a new way. Firmly planting his feet, he concentrates on forcing the energy through his hands, which shatters the door. But, by this time – they have already made their escape and Speedball only finds the murdered body of Doctor Haven.

Speedball bounces out of the house and catches sight of the van they’re escaping in and follows it to the old button factory. Speedball makes his way inside and finds Garson dead against a wall. Puzzled, he continues to look around until he comes in contact with Sticker. When Sticker grabs Speedball and slams him down on the ground, with the intent of killing him; he’s surprised to see Speedball bounce right back up and away! Obsessed now with wanting to know how Speedball had done it (and to harvest such powers for himself!), Sticker becomes obsessed with trying to catch him. He manages to grab Speedball, who in turn twists of his helmet. Without the helmet to control the magnetic glue, it begins to cave into itself, covering Sticker’s head, and cutting off his air supply.

Local authorities show up and pronounce both Garson and the Sticker, a scientist known only as Foxworth, dead at the scene and show evidence that they’re both tied to the murder of Doctor Sol Haven.

(It would turn out that the police officers would apparently be incorrect, in regards to Foxworth’s demise, as he is later broken out of the Springdale prison in New Warriors #66) – NewWarriors.com

The back up story in this issue deals with the Graffiti Guerrillas. They’re seen vandalizing a park, when an officer sees them and gives chase. The members of the Graffiti Guerrillas make a run for it, knocking over a woman and stealing her purse. The officer checks to see if she is all right, which buys them the time they need to make their escape.

The scene shifts to Robbie at school, where his friend Gladys calls David and Robbie over to introduce them to the newest member at school – an attractive young girl by the name of Teri Cooper. They talk for a bit, and Robbie declines a game of volleyball, citing he has tendinitis. At home, Robbie’s parents find a new thing to fight about – this time “the art of graffiti.” Robbie’s mother explains that graffiti is a legitimate form of art, but her father disagrees, calling it nothing but vandalism. Robbie excuses himself, and heads for the school gym to practice his powers, unaware that the Graffiti Guerrillas have decided to “tag” the inside of the school. When they enter the gym, they’re (accidentally) bowled over by Speedball, who they believe showed up to stop them. He bounces around in a chaotic formation, eventually rendering them all unconscious. The security night shift hears the commotion and calls for actual police back up. With the arrival of the sirens, Speedball quickly departs, leaving the local authorities to find the Graffiti Guerrillas.