Darkhawk #34 (V1)

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The issue begins with Cuda dragging Darkhawk through the ocean. Darkhawk believes that Cuda is going to severe his head and use him as an example. Darkhawk manages to blast a sunken ship with his amulet which stuns Cuda, and buys Darkhawk the time he needs to escape. Darkhawk soars into the air and changes back to Chris Powell briefly to heal himself and changes back into Darkhawk before impacting with the water to go after Cuda once more. Darkhawk encounters Police underwater that are scouring for clues, but Cuda makes his escape by using a form of ink explosion, much like octopus. A puzzled Darkhawk is left wondering what Cuda wants with the bay since he’s made no demands, other than to be left alone.

The scene shifts to Jason hanging out with Brod, who has given Jason a box. Jason opens the box to find a brick inside. Brod convinces Jason to throw it at a window and smash it, triggering an alarm. Brod then asks Jason if he wants to see something even cooler, to which Jason easily agrees with, enjoying the sense of revenge and anarchy he is learning from Brod.

The scene shifts again, and we see Chris Powell at the New York Public Library doing some research on the problem. He discovers in National Scientific Magazine that scientists were trying to study fish to see if there were clues in their biology on how to lessen water pollution and that the study was spear headed by Stuart Sarris, who had a conflict with the corporation he was working for and suddenly vanished from sight. Digging further, Chris learns that Sarris had an issue with the company RiverCo, claiming he was making a breakthrough in researching how to reverse the effects of pollution, but the company had wanted to use his research to allow huge corporations that often were guilty of massive polluting; to sell it to them to hide the pollution effects these other large corporations were leaving as “footprints” across the world. Chris goes on to learn that Sarris was apparently poisoned by RiverCo who used experimental pollution chemicals on him. Chris also learns that this was all happening in the very harbor that Cuda suddenly appeared in.

The scene shifts to Chris’ mother, Grace, going to the Bazin Estate in Westchester County. Bazin’s men refuse to let her in, but Allegra comes out and asks what Grace wants, claiming that she has frightened her younger brother with all of her yelling. Grace tells Allegra that it’s not the younger brother that she is worried about, it’s her other brother, Broderick. Grace asks Allegra to share everything she knows about Allegra’s mother’s death.

The scene shifts to Darkhawk going through the murky waters of the New York Harbor with his infrared and magnified vision, searching for Cuda. He discovers what he believes is Cuda’s lair and is ambushed by none other than Cuda. During the fight with Cuda, Darkhawk confirms that Cuda is indeed Sarris; he also learns that his fury is not with the fact that RiverCo poisoned him, stole his work, forced him to leave his family, turned him into Cuda; it’s that due to the chemicals that were injected into him, he’s forced to live in polluted waters; and that he needs pollution in order to survive.

The scene shifts to Grace and Allegra talking inside the Bazin Estate after Allegra has put Andrew to bed. Allegra reveals that Broderick has always had a cruel side; whether it was pulling wings off flies, using a magnifier glass to burn insects; and he was suspected of all the house pets that would vanish and later turn up horribly mutilated. It had been Allegra who came across Broderick after he had stabbed their mother. Allegra admitted to protecting him, feeling as if their mother deserved it, since they had felt she never truly loved their father, and the fact that she would randomly have horrible fits of rage and insanity; and the punishment she inflicted on them was unbearable to them. Allegra admitted that she used Brod to testify against her father when she learned how horrible her own father truly was. Allegra believed that Broderick was out to kill anyone who was an enemy to the family, to somehow, in some sick way, to make it up to his father.

The scene shifts to Flushing Meadow Park where Broderick is talking to Jason and explains, as he pulls out a switchblade, that he would like to take Jason to go meet his mother.

The scene shifts where we see Darkhawk knock Cuda out of the water and deliver a solid punch that renders Cuda unconscious. As Darkhawk, he takes Cuda to the Harbor Police and explains that Cuda must be kept in polluted waters in order to survive. Darkhawk thinks about how his father might be proud and suddenly remembers, that he has to find out if his father is alive!

The scene shifts quickly to San Francisco, where were see Chris’ father in a coma.

Another scene shift and we see Grace, Jon and Allegra at a hotel; and they learn that Broderick has Jason. The scene shifts where we see Broderick holding a knife, and a body in the shadows, as he smiles, and says, “Got him. That kid was boring to have around anyway.”

A scene shift shows Chris hanging out with friends and enjoying some television…