Speedball #5 (V1)

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Speedball #5 (V1)

The issue opens up with two officers walking when a ball nearly hits them. They suspect a new criminal by the name of The Basher and see him take off down an alleyway. They give chase, but the only person they happen to find is none other than Robbie Baldwin; who tries to explain he didn’t do anything and that he was just out for a walk. One of the officers is none other than Al LaGuardia, who has been suspect of Robbie for quite some time.

The scene shifts to the County Hospital where an officer is hospitalized, a victim of The Basher. Another quick scene shift and we see the man known as the Basher practicing throwing his balls; one of his targets wearing a police cap.

A scene shift again, and Robbie is following the officers Phipps and LaGuardia when he sees a man run into an alleyway. Robbie triggers his energy powers and watches from the roof – and sees the man who ran into the alleyway; and it’s only a bum, unaware that the Basher was not the bum, but had only moments ago, been in that alleyway as well.

As Speedball, he follows the officers and stumbles across none other than The Basher. The Basher bounces Speedball away but when he makes his get away he is caught by Phipps and LaGuardia. Basher turns out to be rookie cop who dropped out and grew to have a seething hatred for cops, believing he would have been the best cop in Springdale if he had been given the chance.

The back up story deals with someone in Springdale, killing cats. Speedball comes across what appears to be a two legged rat that was man sized, with a sniper rifle. The two legged rat makes his escape, however and Robbie goes to work. As he walks through the halls he sees Claude and begins to wonder if Claude might be behind the demise of the cats recently, because he has shown a clear hatred for Niels.

Robbie sees Niels outside and once again gives chance. He triggers his powers and sees that Niels seems to have far better control of his “powers.” Niels leads Speedball right to the Two Legged Rat, and the two of them tangle until the police officer below them notices them and fires a warning shot. The Two Legged Rat makes his get away by kicking Speedball away.

The officers goes up and finds only a rat mask and a gun, knowing this was far from over.

The next back story deals with Robbie trying to pass a science test in class. Robbie fails the test, but a recent transfer named Rico scores a perfect on it. Rico seems surprised that Mr. Higgins isn’t the regular teacher and that he’s substituting for Mr. Plant.

Mr. Higgins offers a make up test and Robbie approaches him and tells him that Rico is going to study with him. Mr. Higgins agrees to let them use the classroom after school. Robbie goes to the class after school and sees Mr. Higgins talking to a man with a tranquilizer; speaking about capturing the freak of science. Robbie assumes it’s him they’re talking about and quickly tries to make his get away; but they hear him and give chance. Robbie changes into Speedball and bounces out of the window and lands on a nearby school roof – surprised to see Rico on the roof – but Rico is in a superhero outfit as well! Rico explains that they have been after him for weeks, and he is a “Freak of Nature.” Suddenly it’s clear that the men after Rico and not Speedball. Speedball agrees to help and manages to tangle the men in their own net until local authorities arrive. A few days later, Mr. Plant returns to school and gives Robbie a note that is from Rico – the note thanks him and says he will be in touch – if he can.