Nova (V7) #3

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Nova #2 (V6)

The scene opens with Sam Alexander, as Nova, crashing into Tony Stark’s office, in Stark Headquarters, rambling that his father isn’t his father – and that he thinks the man he thought was his father was an alien – because his face had been all disfigured after the fight with the alien. Tony explains that he can try to track “Jesse” down by the signal emitting from the (golden) Nova Corps helmet “Jesse” was using, but then asks Sam if he’s made sure if his family is all right; because if it was indeed an alien, it knew where Sam’s family lived. Sam immediately flies home and finds his mother safe and asks if his “father” is home; she explains he isn’t. Sam then tells his mother that he believes that “Jesse” wasn’t his father at all; but an alien who had been impersonating him for reasons unknown.

One week later, Nova is working with several Avengers; helping out – such as Vision, Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) and Spider-Man (Miles Morales). Nova meets up with Iron Man, who explains, even after a week, he’s found no sign or signal from the (golden) Nova Corps helmet used by the alien that was posing himself as Jesse, Sam’s father. Iron Man sends Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man and Nova off to go patrol the city and clear their minds. As they sit around, eating fast food and drinking soda, a small corner comes under attack by the subterranean Moloids. They chase it down to a small hole in the ground, where they give chase, and stumble upon a subterranean city in ruins. Within the ruins, they encounter Mole Man, who explains his own son has waged war against him; and Mole Man suspects the trio of being spies for his son. They are rendered unconscious by Mole Man’s release of gas (from his gloves) and awake in an arena, facing off against a somewhat familiar looking, large green monster…