New Warriors #2 (V2)

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New Warriors #2 (Volume 2)

The issue opens up with the Warriors sitting around trying to figure out how they’re going to fund themselves. They discuss how Dwayne Taylor was kind enough to pay for the utilities for another month; but how it would be wrong for him to fund the New Warriors since he wasn’t on the team anymore. Namorita points out that with Firestar and Justice on the Avengers, perhaps the Avengers would do a “Scholarship Fund” for the Warriors, but Nova quickly shoots down that idea, stating it would be humiliating to go to the Avengers for funding.

Speedball points out that Namorita should ask Namor, since he’s rich as well. Namorita says that she will consider it then leaves for an appointment. As Namorita soars through the sky, she’s unaware that Eugenix is watching her every move. Genecide tells the Eugenix to hold their fire as Namorita enters Hermiston Research.

The doctor has Namorita lay down and clamps her down; and then reveals she is none other than Genecide. Genecide claims that Namorita shall be the first strike against humans and the entire cloning process.

The scene shifts to a small bar where Mr. Silverman, also known as Blackwing, is playing a game of pool and showing signs of frustration about the news. The newscaster discusses how Turbo had managed to put out a fire in a warehouse. Silverman turns to the gentleman in the costume behind him, calling him Firestrike, and discussing how disappointed he was by Turbo’s interference with the destruction of “Pat the Cat’s” warehouse. They hand Firestrike the file they have on Turbo; and Silverman explains rather than attack Turbo, try to get close to her and thus use surprise to gain the costume.

Back at the Research Center, Namorita breaks free of the constraints and begins fighting against Eugenix. When she uses her acidic touch on Genecide, Genecide is surprised, having believed to have all the information there was to have on Namorita. Using her own power, Genecide examines Namorita’s body DNA and is astonished at what she sees.

The scene shifts once more to Robbie working with his mother on an internship for John Sutton, the director of the show in which Robbie’s mother works for. But before he can do too much, the New Warriors Comm-Badge rings, letting him know that Namorita is in trouble. Excusing himself, he makes an exit, with his mother covering for him, saying that his girlfriend has been extremely ill.

A scene shift has Nova and Turbo on the roof, relaxing and getting themselves some sun while they discuss what they’re doing in college. Down below they see Aegis in full costume, but before they can discuss it further, their Comm-Badges go off, letting them know Namorita is in need of assistance.

New Warriors #2 (Volume 2) - Alternate Cover

Another scene shift brings us to Chris Bradley and his girlfriend Donna walking. Donna keeps persisting on finding out where Chris lives, unbeknownst to her that he actually lives on the streets. Saving him from giving a truthful answer, the New Warriors Comm-Badge rings, and he excuses himself and leaves to help Namorita.

At the Research Center as Eugenix refrains Namorita; the walls explode and in comes the newest version of the New Warriors: Speedball, Nova, Turbo, Bolt, and Aegis – all there to rescue the final member of the New Warriors, Namorita.

Genecide reveals that the facility is making clones, and begins destroying the Research Center. Genecide leaves Namorita and the New Warriors with a tough choice; save the clones and let Eugenix get away; or stop Eugenix and let the clones die. When Namorita makes the call to save the clones, Aegis argues that clones are not real people and Eugenix is a real threat. Namorita informs him that she herself is a clone. After only a brief moment, the Warriors follow Namorita’s command, and Eugenix makes good of their escape.

After the battle, Chris Bradley, better known as Bolt, goes to Donna’s home and confesses to her that he’s been living on the streets.

At the Crashpad, Aegis approaches Namorita and apologizes, saying that he was unaware that she was a clone.