Night Thrasher #2 (LS)

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Night Thrasher #2 (LS)

This issue begins with Night Thrasher enjoying himself as he attacks and beats down one of Lotus’ guards. Once inside, Night Thrasher notes the life style that a criminal could have if they’re smart about the crimes they commit and how they do it.

From the shadows Lotus lunges and attacks Night Thrasher, momentarily catching him off guard. He quickly adjusts and uses magnesium bursts from his armor to temporarily blinding her and allowing him to gain the upper hand.

Lotus agrees to cease the fighting (if anything, to prevent further damage to her extremely expensive home). Lotus explains that since Tai’s death, the state of the Taylor Foundation has been in a flux. Night Thrasher learns that Trevor Madsden is apparently being Andrew Chord’s abduction.

When Night Thrasher departs, he does so by shooting a line into another building and sliding down the rope. However, he never makes it all the way down, because from somewhere unseen, the one known as Tantrum makes his attack. The attacks jars the line loose, sending both of them spiraling towards the ground. Tantrum manages to land gracefully, while Night Thrasher is forced to unleash another line to slow his dissent.

Night Thrasher attempts to convince Tantrum that fighting is pointless, but Tantrum has no care about stopping. Night Thrasher manages to get the drop on Tantrum, who then feels that an escape is the best route. Leaping onto a trolley car, Tantrum then grabs Night Thrahser’s line and slams him through a window.

Though Tantrum manages to get away, Night Thrasher manages to find Tantrum’s wallet, which includes his address.

Night Thrasher places a call to the other Warriors to have Sprocket to fly over and give Night Thrasher a lift. Sprocket eventually flies out to San Francisco from New York, giving Night Thrasher time to figure out a few things and take of other matters.

Later when Night Thrasher breaks into Trevor Madsden’s office, finding him sitting calmly. With a snap of his fingers, Tantrum appears. However, Tantrum quickly turns on Trevor, as Night Thrasher explains that everyone has a price. When pressured, Trevor confesses that he does not know anything about Andrew Chord and suggests that Night Thrasher should check in with the final board member, Eve Magdalene. When Night Thrasher asks what she has anything to do with any of this, Trevor explains that she is a corporate proxy used by the chairman of board of Ophrah Industries, and that chairman is none other than Gideon.