Nova #2 (V2)

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Nova #1 (V2)

The issue opens up with Nova interrupting a gang fight. When the gangsters decide to try and turn on Nova together – he uses a blast to render them unconscious. Only one manages to avoid being knocked out – and reaches for a gun – only to have Nova take it away from him and crush it in his hands.

When the gang members women run down, Nova exchanges some words with them – but they counter him with the fact that he doesn’t know what it’s like to live the life they lead, because he has super powers and flies so far above them to see where the root of the problem really is.

The scene changes to a woman, in an unusual costume with a whip throwing a man out through a window. The man pleads for his life, claiming he wasn’t found guilty of rape – but the woman wraps her whip around his throat and asks again, and he confesses to the crime. With a tug of her whip, the life of Carl Greenberg ends.

The scene shifts again to Laura Dunham, girlfriend of Richard Rider. She looks over a letter that about how those who think they got away with the things they have in life, shall be punished.

Richard Rider meets her later at the College and they go to dinner. She begins questioning how well they know one another; but even when he drops her off, he can’t help but feel that she was still holding something back so he spies on her and sees her remove the very same kind of mask as the one that belongs to the notorious Tailhook, who was now responsible for the murder of Carl Greenberg.

The scene shifts to a few hours later, where Tailhook is seen claiming another victim, responsible for another rape; a man by the name of Paul Davidson.

Elsewhere and another scene change, we see Bernie and Caps choosing to purchasing an apartment with the idea of getting Richard Rider to room with them.

The scene changes again, this time to the New Warriors Crashpad, where Hindsight Lad and Speedball, help Nova break into official school records. They turn up nothing initially on Laura, only that her sister had been arrested for a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) the year before. But when they dig further, they uncover something…

The scene changes to the next day, where Richard Rider meets Laura just outside of her class and Richard shows her the school paper, which has the cover story of Tailhook claiming her third victim.

This is when Richard grabs her and pulls her around the corner and reveals that he is Nova and begins questioning her about Tailhook. Laura reveals that someone she shares her mailbox with was getting the packages, and she had asked if she was okay, and the girl had left Laura a page of her diary.

Nova confronts Tailhook by having Laura indicate that she would meet up with her. Tailhook explains that her sister had walked down a long line at the Navy Tailhook Convention, and that she had been fondled, her clothes ripped off; the men had tried to rape her, and she took it to court, and it had become a high profile case – but not a single man who was there was found guilty, and they had all gotten away with it. The result had been devastating to Tailhook’s sister – she lost her job, became depressed, and eventually took her own life, never saying goodbye or leaving a note of any kind.

Nova insists to Marissa (Tailhook’s real name) that he can help her – but she declines, refusing to be judged by men who take every chance to crush a woman’s spirit and soul – and with that threatens to jump from the building before becoming some media circus like her sister had become. Nova informs her that he would be able to catch her long before she would hit bottom – but then Laura appears and throws herself off the building, forcing Nova to save her – and allowing Tailhook to fall to her death.