Nova (V8) #3

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Nova #3 (V8)Issue opens with the stunned Richard Rider and Sam Alexander lying on the bar floor. Titus leans over Rich and recognizes him, claiming that he wants Rich’s helm for himself as a trophy. However, Rich and Sam seemingly disappear as Cosmo pulls Titus and the Chitauri into the astral plane and messes with their perception. However, Death’s Head does not have an organic brain and zaps Cosmo, rendering the canine unconscious. This delay, however, has given Sam and Rich enough time to regain consciousness and prepare for a fair fight. Titus mocks Sam about his father, goading Sam into attacking, which results in Sam being knocked out again. Rich gets upset that first they shot Cosmo, then they knocked out Sam; and takes down Titus and the Chiatauri. Death’s Head tells Rich that if they do not turn over the Nova helmets that he will blow up Knowhere. Rich tells Sam that they have no choices; but then sees Cosmo has regained consciousness. Rich telepathically shares his plan of stalling, and allowing Sam to go find and destroy the bomb. With the plan in action, Rich blasts Death’s Head after Cosmo locates the bomb and telepathically shares the location with Sam. A fight ensues as Sam takes off to find the bomb. Rich is impaled by the Chitauri. Titus makes a remark about Rich should have remained dead. Rich’s appearance changes, his skin turning purple in hue, as he rips the Chitauri who has impaled him, in half. Death’s Head and Titus evacuate.

Sam contacts Rich saying that he can’t hold the bomb blast back; Rich explains to use the Nova Force, which Sam tries, up until he loses consciousness; but by this time, Rich has arrived to help contain the explosion. Rich’s arms change into alien tentacles, and he’s able to contain the explosion. As Sam regains consciousness, Rich forces his features to change back to a more human appearance.

Elsewhere, a figure enters Rich’s old room, and sees photos of him with the New Warriors, including Namorita. But the figure picks up a series of photos of Rich and Gamora together, and we see that it’s none other than Gamora herself!