Nova #4 (V3)

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Nova #4 (V3)

The issue opens up with Rich hitting a baseball out of the park, being cheered on by his friends – and more importantly to Rich Rider – by Jennifer Smith. After running the bases, he comes in and the radio broadcasts that Sandman had been sighted terrorizing the city. Rich excuses himself from the game, and flies to investigate – only to discover it’s Quicksand, rather than Sandman.

Nova and Quicksand exchanged a few blows, but then Rich blasts her with his eye beams, transforming her sandy form into glass. He acknowledges that his powers are out of control again, since his eye blasts aren’t even supposed to generate heat. He tries to think of a way to change her back, when a truck slams into her, shattering her form.

The scene changes to half way across the world, where several men have a woman tied up, threatening her when, what appears to be a mummified man enters the tent, pleading for help. The man turns out to be none other than the Sphinx; and after absorbing their life forces, he moves on.

The scene shifts to Marvel Burgers where Rich tells Bernie that he should write up some one-liners he could use against villains. Roger comes in wearing the baseball outfit and informs them that he’s made the team.

The scene then switches to Condor, in a cave, listening in on every word; remembering how Sphinx had turned him into a true condor; and how Bird-Brain had made him this creature he was now.

The scene jumps again, and this time we see Nova meeting with none other than Mister Fantastic – Reed Richards. Reed runs Nova through several tests, and notes that Nova’s genetic make up has undergone some staggering changes. Reed suggests putting on dampers that would limit the amount of power Nova could emit, and help control it, until he figured out a way to fix it. Just then, Condor breaks in, rendering Reed unconscious and exposing Nova to painful tests. Invisible Woman shows up and tries to cut off Condor’s air supply, but he manages to beat her. Thing and Human Torch shows up and Condor gives them a run for their money until Nova breaks free. Nova tries to punch Condor, but hurts his fist instead – allowing Condor the chance to bat him away effortlessly.

Condor confronts Reed explaining that he is by far Reed’s intellectual superior, but the fates conspired against him. He pulls out a wrist weapon and explains that once he kills Reed, the world will know that Condor was his superior – however, the rest of the Fantastic Four recover and come to Reed’s aid.

A battle ensues (apparently off panel) which knocks off Condor’s wrist weapon. A stumbling Condor trips over Nova, who is just regaining consciousness; and Condor falls on his own wrist weapon, which had been crackling with energy.

Condor survives and is handed over to S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. Nova excuses himself and leaves, but is barely able to fly – he ends up crash landing in Ginger’s front lawn.

Elsewhere, Red Raven watches the events surrounding Condor and swears to bring him to justice.