Nova #12 (V2)

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Nova #12 (V2)

The issue begins with Nick Fury questioning Nova under fairly harsh conditions. Once Nova verifies (according to Nick Fury’s standards) that he’s still playing with the good guys, he excuses Nova’s Q&A and tells Nova to follow him. Fury leads Nova to a room where there is a replica of the satellite. Fury explains that there’s still some government folks who wouldn’t mind getting a piece of Nova for the whole satellite incident; so S.H.I.E.L.D. built a replica that Nova was to fly back into orbit.

Rich flies the satellite duplicate into space effortlessly, and decides to try out the radar in his helmet. He manages to get it to work and senses a huge meteorite headed straight for him. Unleashing his eye blasts, he manages to stop it – but only seconds later, senses something behind him, but has no time to react before he’s blasted.

Nova recovers and sees that it is Nova 0:0, who compliments Nova on improving with the use of his powers, but assures him he still has much more to learn. Nova tries to surprise Nova 0:0 with a blast, but Nova 0:0 is far more experienced, and in turn blasts Nova.

The scene shifts to Namorita and Chord trying to get information from the S.H.I.E.L.D. database, when Night Thrasher arrives. Night Thrasher assures them that Nick Fury will give nothing, unless he’s getting something out of it. Namorita threatens to bust Nova out, and when Night Thrasher declines, she swears she will get her cousin Namor to help her. Night Thrasher nods, and says that she’s made her point and that this is definitely New Warriors business; and that they would begin researching Shatterforce, and how they were tied to the satellite.

The scene shifts, showing Laura going out on a date with Chas, and enjoying herself. When Chas mocks the idea of Nova and the Nova Express, Laura doesn’t defend Rich, but rather, shyly agrees with everything Chas says.

The scene cuts back to an all too busy Nova, fighting it out with Nova 0:0. Nova and Nova 0:0 continue to battle one another, until they crash onto the moon and into some structures – where they’re halted by Black Bolt and the rest of the Inhumans, along with Star-Thief, whom Nova had fought along side the New Warriors against.

Nova mouths off, despite Nova 0:0’s warning to watch his temper – and before anyone is aware of what’s happening – a fight breaks out against the Inhumans. Star-Thief blasts the ground, shrouding Nova in dust. Medusa and Karnak use this to their advantage to take down Nova. Star-Thief blasts Nova 0:0 who returns the blast, ten fold, only to be punched by Black Bolt. Nova 0:0 figures out that the Inhumans have been manipulated into attacking them. Nova unleashes a blast, despite Nova 0:0’s warning, which causes a small crater, and ends up knocking himself out.