Darkhawk #45 (V1)

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The issue begins with the aliens coming to avenge Kistur, seeking out Portal.

On Earth, a man finds himself being abducted because he’s worth millions. As the kidnappers reach the roof, where the helicopter is waiting, they also find themselves being attacked by Portal. Portal grabs the man and throws him into one of his dimensions, while he took out all the would be kidnappers. One of the men he stuns with his gun falls over the edge, but Portal manages to save him. The pilot attempts to take off, but Portal teleports inside and knocks the man out, as the helicopter crashes onto the ceiling once more. The man whom he saved comes back and offers to pay Portal fifty thousand dollars, but Portal just asks him to make it out to United Way and quickly departs.

At school Dean approaches Chris and talks to him; Headset waves, but Chris spaces and doesn’t see, until it’s too late. Chris later makes a date with Laura. At home the fighting between Jason and Jon continues to escalate, and Grace leaves for the new job. Mike leaves, after Grace leaves for work, to go to an “Employment Agency” – at least that’s what he tells Grace, but where he goes, appears to be much darker than an employment agency. At Grace’s work, Norbert Newland seems overly friendly with Grace, causing her some slight discomfort as he asks if she can keep secrets. Portal, during this time, heads for Hartsdale, New Mexico where his mother is; however his mother does not seem to be so welcoming as she slams the door in his face.

The aliens attacking the Darkhawk ship manage to plant an explosive that rips the side of the hull open, allowing the Mahar aliens to enter the ship, where they find Kistur. They demand, from Ned, to know the location of Portal. Elsewhere, Portal’s brother lets him in the house where he is greeted by his younger sister, Sylvia as well. His mother weeps, and expresses how she had been worried about Charles ever since he ran off. The tribe’s Shaman shows up and explains how he is happy to hear that Portal plans on returning to college and getting a better education for himself. Chris tries to call the New Warriors for help in locating Darkhawk, but Nova, who answers the lines, doesn’t believe it’s Darkhawk.

The Darkhawk Ship drifts and broadcasts a message from there to the planet Jormal, where it reaches a shadowed figure, surrounded by crystals, who slowly helps themselves up…