Darkhawk #18 (V1)

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The issue opens with Psi-Wolf commanding Darkhawk to hand over the detonator. We also learn that Psi-Wolf, whose real name is Nikola, is the brother of Doctor Vonya. Psi-Wolf then commands Darkhawk to terminate his own life, but Scattershot stops Psi-Wolf and ponders if they couldn’t put Darkhawk to some use instead, since he is clearly powerful if he managed to defeat herself, Siberion and Volga Belle. Psi-Wolf agrees, and discovers that the officers outside the school have managed to defuse the bombs, while Darkhawk had been fighting the rest of Peristrike Force. But Psi-Wolf comes up with an idea, he commands Darkhawk to tell the officers that everything is all right, and that he has defeated them and coming out with them as his prisoners.

Once outside, they take the police by surprise and Psi-Wolf and the others, including Darkhawk, make their escape into a helicopter with Doctor Anatoly Vonya. Once in the air, Psi-Wolf tells Scattershot to kick Darkhawk out the window. Darkhawk falls, still under Psi-Wolf’s command, unable to save himself, he lands on top of a parked car in the mall. He manages to survive, but feels extremely wounded; so he changes back to Chris Powell and quickly runs off. At home Chris ponders what he can do to help, while his mother Grace, is fearful that she’s losing him. Chris knows he has to do something, so he runs off again. At the airport, in the form of Darkhawk, he listens to Psi-Wolf giving his orders, of fuel first, then food for the flight. Darkhawk takes the food truck, and changes himself into Chris Powell. He drives it to the airplane, and Psi-Wolf, not seeing a threat, doesn’t bother with mind controlling Chris. Unfortunately, the officer had told Psi-Wolf that the food truck had been commandeered and he was unsure who was driving it. Psi-Wolf seizes the mind of Chris, but Doctor Vonya tries to save Chris when Siberion is ordered to freeze him. Siberion then, accidentally, freezes Doctor Vonya instead. Psi-Wolf’s mental control over Chris lessens with the distraction. Chris manages to jump onto Psi-Wolf’s back and break a portion of the helmet that he believes Psi-Wolf uses to mentally control people. Psi-Wolf doubles over and gives the command to kill Chris. Chris runs into a shed, and emerges as Darkhawk, claiming that, “The kid and I planned it that way to lure you here and get you as Darkhawk!” He takes out Volga Belle and Scattershot, who accidentally blasts Siberion. Darkhawk and Psi-Wolf fight, and Darkhawk manages to pull over a win. However, in the fight, Doctor Vonya does not survive the experience of being completely frozen by Siberion.

Darkhawk departs before the police arrive, returning back to the broken down Wonderland; pondering what he should do, since he feels he truly messed up by letting Doctor Vonya die because of his attempt to save him.