New Warriors #7 (V2)

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New Warriors #7 (Volume 2)

The issue opens up with Dalton having the gun drawn and pointed to Mickey’s head while she’s turned around and unaware. Mickey talks about how good it feels to be able to be herself around Dalton; that she didn’t need to be a super hero to impress him; and that she felt like she could trust him with her secret identity.

Dalton suddenly finds he can’t pull the trigger. Something called a conscious seems to have stopped him, or perhaps it’s a growing emotion of fondness and caring that spreads through Dalton like a cancer. As Mickey turns around, Dalton hides the gun behind his back and says, “Mickey you sure do talk a lot.” To which Mickey shows off her non-verbal skills by kissing him.

A quick scene change brings Dalton standing before Mr. Silvermane, and telling him that Turbo hasn’t taken off the outfit around him yet, due to lack of trust.

The scene changes again, and we have Dalton and Mickey running down the side walk in a park. While they joke and laugh, Dalton nearly collides into someone and ends up tumbling into a bush. While there, he turns to Mickey who is laughing at him and asks if he told her something – would she ever hold it against him – no matter how bad it might be? And he proceeds to tell her that he truly cares for her, because she is the first person who isn’t pushing him to be something; she’s allowing him to be just what he’s always wanted: himself.

Sometime later, while Turbo is on her way to a BBQ that Speedball is throwing; she figures she has a moment to swing by and see Dalton. However, what she sees will change her life forever. There, through the window, she sees Dalton donning on the Firestrike uniform.

Without giving Firestrike a chance to explain, Turbo begins attacking him out of sheer anger. But Firestrike offers no resistance.

Turbo shows up at the BBQ, and drops off Dalton, still in his Firestrike costume. When the Namorita, Nova and Speedball question what she’s doing – they find their answer, when Turbo removes Firestrike’s mask, and they see that it is Dalton. She asks the Warriors to watch him, while she flies off to straighten things out in her head. In a comedic moment, Speedball approaches Dalton and asks, “So, Dalton, how do you like your burger?”

Turbo lands at the graveside of Michael Jefferies, her former partner in the sharing of the Turbo uniform, feeling ashamed for allowing herself to care for Dalton, and not being able to see what he really was. Namorita shows up and Turbo tells her that the worse part of all of this is that she can’t tell her mother because of the whole “secret identity” thing. Namorita comforts her by assuring her that she can’t tell one family, but her extended family – the Warriors – are there for her.

Meanwhile, back at the BBQ, Aegis takes a shot at Dalton, sending him spiraling away, mouth bleeding. It’s Bolt and Nova that step between Aegis and Dalton, who offers no resistance, only words of understanding. He also, without wanting any form of a deal, reveals that it is Joe Silverman that is behind it all. He also reveals to the Warriors that Silverman and Heavy Mettle plan to take AIM by raiding the Baintronics Weapons Convoy, so that they could supply the weapons to the gangs on the streets themselves, without having to deal with AIM.

Later that night, Firestrike shows up at the warehouse, and almost immediately finds himself attacked by his fellow members of Heavy Mettle. He begins pondering if they know, and this is why they have attacked him. During this exchange, it’s interesting to note that he refers to Riot as “Decibel.” When he gets knocked down finally, his teammates explain that they were not attacking him, but they were just doing a quick practice session.

Meanwhile, the Warriors set up at the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York, waiting for Heavy Mettle to make their move. While up there waiting, Speedball takes not to the scarring on Bolt’s arm, who once again, excuses it as a wound that he got while fighting Biohazard. Shortly after, Namorita tells them that Heavy Mettle is on the move. It’s Riot who knocks the truck off of its side. But before he can get anything out of it, Namorita appears and lands a solid punch. When Riot tries to use his powers, Aegis uses the armor’s power to deflect and direct it back at Riot. That’s when Firestrike reveals himself to actually be Nova, using the mental control over his uniform to alter his appearance.

A fight breaks out between Heavy Mettle and the New Warriors, with the Warriors winning the fight in the end. Turbo also turns in Dalton, as a former member of Heavy Mettle. Unforgiving of Dalton’s lying, she then leaves.

However, one month later, she visits Dalton in prison and informs him that she is still hurt, but she may be willing to give them another try. Dalton is relieved to hear that, but then informs her, that despite all of his begging for forgiveness; because he is turning on Silverman, who is extremely dangerous and has entirely too many connections; that Dalton will be entering the Witness Protection Program; and thus will have no contact with anyone he’s known.

Mickey leaves, crying.

Elsewhere in Seattle, we see Iron Fist fighting a number of ninjas; and he gets the unexpected help of Night Thrasher, who looks much different. Adorned in a sleek outfit, red half moon stars, and a red half moon over his eye – Night Thrasher lends a helping hand to Iron Fist in the fight against the Hand.