Nova #24 (V6)

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Nova #24 (V6)

The story continues with Sam in the hospital. He gets up saying he has to make his way back home, despite the protests of the doctors. When asked if he remembers his name, he struggles piecing together what his name is; but finally remembers. Escorting to the roof, Sam puts on his helmet, pleasantly surprised, despite its damaged condition, that it still works. As he blasts off from the roof, headed back to the United States, much to his horror, the helmet short circuits, the damage becoming abundantly clear as Sam begins plummeting towards the Earth. Just seconds before impacting, the suit kicks in and prevents what would have been his death. Sam takes the helmet and screams at it.

Elsewhere, somewhere in Canada, Sam’s mother is at a dinner, watching the news about the Hulk rampaging through Carefree, Arizona, showing footage in which the Hulk sent Nova flying off into parts unknown.

Around the same time, in New York City, Spider-Man is shown going through an abandoned SHIELD warehouse that once stored creations from Reed Richards, after the Baxter Building had been closed down. Spider-Man speaks with Captain America on the communications link about finding some potential Hulk-Busting equipment that Reed had developed.

Back at Carefree, Arizona, the Hulk destroys the bridge that leads out of the area, then jumps over to the school where he threatens a teacher that he – and all the children – will die today. However, just as the Hulk raises his fists, he is blasted by an all too familiar energy signature – Nova! Nova then flies at the Hulk, wrapping him up from head to toe, in the steel wire from the destroyed bridge that Hulk had just destroyed only moments ago. Nova flies the Hulk into the stratosphere, where the Hulk begins to pry himself free of the cable wiring; and just before he reaches Nova, Nova tosses him into space, allowing his gravitational momentum to carry the Hulk deeper into space. Celebrating a brief moment of victory, Sam is suddenly filled with dread as his helmet shorts out, yet again. Sam begins to plummet towards the Earth again, and his helmet falls from his head and out of his grasp. Nova manages to grab the helmet and trigger it again – just before he impacts into the ground. The teacher from the school comes out and thanks Nova, just as a reformed Carnage shows up and tells Nova he was impressed with what he saw. Just then, Spider-Man shows up wearing some Hulk Busting armor. The teacher explains both the Carnage and Spider-Man that they’re not needed, because Nova saved them all. Nova is reminded of his mother and flies to Canada, and finds her car and tracks her down to the diner she had been eating at.

The issue ends with Cletus Kasady, better known as Carnage, looking over newspaper clippings, talking about how he once had made lists of people he had wanted to hurt; and that now he’d begin a new list, a list of people he’d like to help – beginning with Nova.