Scarlet Spider (Kaine)

Real Name: Kaine Parker
Aliases: Kaine, Tarantula, Araña Escarlata, Spider-Man
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Vigilante, Fugitive
Citizenship: United States Citizen with a criminal record.
Place of Birth: Not Applicable; Clone
Known Relatives: Miles Warren (creator), Peter Parker (genetic template/brother), Ben Reilly (fellow clone/brother, deceased), Spidercide (fellow clone, allegedly deceased), Guardian (fellow clone, deceased), Jack (fellow clone, deceased)
Group Affiliation: New Warriors
First Appearance: Web of Spider-Man #119 (as Kaine), Scarlet Spider V2 #2 (as Scarlet Spider)

Because of the attachment Kaine has to the Clone Saga, that involved Peter Parker (Spider-Man), Ben Reilly (original Scarlet Spider), Jackal, and Norman Osborn – Kaine’s origin story is rather complex and confusing. So the below information will be a general summary of Kaine’s origin, as simplified as it can possibly be in our eyes.

Kaine was the first attempt at Jackal’s cloning attempt; where Jackal quickly discovered that Kaine had become deformed due to a flaw in the cloning process. As Kaine’s body and mind continued to degenerate, so did his mental stability. Still, Jackal left Kaine active to observe how far Kaine could survive. Kaine had inherited a number of powers from being a clone of Peter Parker; including his strength, agility, as well as an amplified version of Spider-Man’s “Spider-Sense.” His amplified “Spider-Sense” actually allowed him to sometimes glimpse the future in quick flashes and images. It is believed that this enhancement of “Spider-Sense” had something to do with Kaine’s genetic structure malfunctioning. Along with those abilities, Kaine developed the ability to climb walls, just like Spider-Man; however, another genetic side effect of the cloning process allowed Kaine to leave what was called “The Mark of Kaine” on those he touched. His hands were able to emit a form of flesh degenerating power upon contact with another person’s skin.

During this time, Norman Osborn switched Jackal’s files, so that Peter Parker believed he was the clone and that Ben had been “the real deal.” Kaine stumbled upon these documents and believed the same thing. Kaine stalked “Ben Reilly” and even framed him for several murders that Kaine himself had committed. However, when “Ben Reilly” returned to New York, to visit what he believed to be was a dying Aunt May; Kaine learned of this and had a vision that someone would attempt to kill Mary Jane. Fearful that his vision would come true, Kaine began murdering anyone he considered a potential threat to Mary Jane’s life; among the victims were Doctor Octopus and Grim Hunter. These murders naturally drew the attention of both Spider-Man and the then Scarlet Spider.

A weakened Kaine, after fighting a villainess named Stunner, was captured by Spider-Man. Spider-Man had hoped to do a fair trial, but Kaine refused to confess to his crimes. It was not until Spider-Man said he would reveal his true identity to those in the courthouse, that Kaine finally confessed to all the crimes, and proved it by leaving the “Mark of Kaine” on the judge’s podium. Kaine was then taken into custody.

A short time later, Peter and Ben decided to determine who was the original and who was the clone. Norman Osborn manipulated the results, making it appear as though Ben was the original and Peter was the clone. Peter, distraught, joined Jackal. Kaine, when he learned this, refused to let Peter throw his life away and sought to destroy Jackal, only to be manipulated by Jackal’s lie that he knew how to stop Kaine’s cellular degeneration.

Kaine would eventually “die” saving Jackal from Spidercide. Jackal, touched that, despite his manipulations, Kaine had willingly sacrificed himself; put Kaine in a regenerative cell. When the cell was next seen; it was empty. It was a man by the name of James Johnsmeyer who had found the pod and revived Kaine, encouraging him to take part in The Great Game; a fighting tournament in which wealthy people wagered on the fighters for their amusement.

Kaine refused, and managed to escape with a partner by the name of Shannon. Kaine and Shannon sought vengeance against Johnsmeyer and attacked his headquarters, where it was revealed that Shannon was still working for Johnsmeyer and had merely gone with Kaine to keep tabs on him. Kaine was going to kill Shannon, but was talked down by Spider-Man. Instead, Kaine vowed vengeance against those who supported the Great Game.

Kaine eventually turned himself over to the law to face the consequences of what he had done; however, broke out soon after when he learned Norman Osborn was not only still alive; but the one responsible for the entire Clone Saga.

Kaine later allied himself with a villain by the name of Raptor, who promised that he could cure Kaine’s cellular degeneration. When confronting Spider-Man, Raptor confessed he was lying to Kaine; and Kaine snapped Raptor’s neck, seemingly killing him. Kaine would know no peace, still, as Alyosha and Ana Kravinoff soon attacked him for being associated with “Spiders.” He is beaten so severely that he flees to Peter Parker’s place and seeks help. As it turns out, when Spider-Man was killed resurrecting Kraven, it was actually Kaine who had given up his life to save Peter Parker.

Still, even in death, Kaine would not know any rest. Jackal resurrected Kaine from the grave, altering his appearance and giving him extra eyes and four extra legs like a spider, dubbing him “Tarantula.” However, during this chaos, Spider-Man throws Kaine into a tank filled with “The Cure” – a concentration of Anti-Venom’s symbiote – which was made to cure the people of “Spider-Island.” However, for Kaine, it also manages to stabilize his DNA at long last, making him a perfect clone of Peter Parker, much like Ben Reilly. Kaine then helps against the Spider Queen, Adriana Soria, and does what Spider-Man can not bring himself to do – he kills her.

Kaine traveled around the United States, making money stopping robbers – and during his time in Houston Texas, he saved a young girl from human traffickers. That’s when Kaine also encountered Aracely, and knew he had to save her. In a scarlet suit, similar to Spider-Man’s, Kaine faced the Salamander and managed to defeat him. The Salamander had referred to Kaine as “Araña Escarlata” (which translated to “Scarlet Spider” in Spanish). Kaine felt responsible for Aracely, and remained in Houston adopting the name “The Scarlet Spider” (though he’s often alluded to the fact he disliked the name).

Kaine learned that the murderous Carnage was in Texas to get something from the NASA Research Center and made an attempt to stop him; but Carnage unleashed some beings from the Microverse. That’s when Venom, who had also been tracking Carnage, joined Scarlet Spider in the fight. Both of them were transported to the Microverse Prometheus Pit, but separated once there. Kaine was found by a healer named Redeemer, who was wanted by the Marquis Radu. They were captured, along with Carnage and Venom, by The Enigma Force, a team of adventurers who were trying to capture Carnage as well.

Marquis Radu replicated the symbiotes of Venom and Carnage to create an army to take over the Microverse; but his plan failed when Carnage managed to take control and used them to escape back into the regular universe where he was defeated by Venom and Scarlet Spider. Carnage was defeated and sedated and put back into custody.

Back in Texas, a young girl was found murdered, a victim of human trafficking. Kaine vowed to track down the ones responsible, and finally found them – at a price. Once again, it would seem Kaine perished, giving his life trying to make things right in the world. His body was wrapped in a cocoon made of spider webs. In this state, he had a vision that Aracely still needed him, and he was yet again, reborn with augmented powers. His human nature almost gone, Aracely nearly became a victim to Kaine’s blood thirst. Aracely, however, used her own powers to make Kaine’s human side resurface once more and reverted him to human form.

During their time in Mexico, Kaine Parker and María Aracely (Hummingbird) encounter Water Snake who is standing in the ocean, among several deceased bodies. After a brief scuffle with Kaine Parker, Water Snake explains that she was looking for someone in Lemuria, when the city was suddenly attacked by Deviant forces. During the battle however, a new enemy appeared and began slaughtering without discretion.

The enemies that slaughtered both Atlantean and Deviant were none other than the Evolutionaries, who appeared just after she explained her story. Scarlet Spider, Hummingbird and Water Snake are defeated and captured by the Evolutionaries and brought before High Evolutionary who places them in prison spheres, in the same room as Nova. Water Snake tries desperately to break the sphere, while Hummingbird tells everyone to remain calm. Nova (Sam Alexander) repeatedly confuses Scarlet Spider for Spider-Man until Scarlet Spider uses his ability to summon spiders to short circuit the spheres. They free Nova and try to make their escape, but find themselves under attack. Scarlet Spider demands that Nova escape and that the others will buy him time; and just as it seems like Nova leaves to get help – he returns to try and turn the tide of battle, only to be taken down just like the others.

Scarlet Spider, along with the rest of the New Warriors, finally manage to put an end to the threat of the Evolutionaries, and also assist Watersnake in her quest to find Namorita, whom she believes has somehow survived. Scarlet Spider is seen with the New Warriors, and Namorita is among them.

Height: 6’4″
Weight: 250 lbs.
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown

Powers: Due to Kaine’s several rebirths and cellular degeneration; he’s experienced a wide assortment of powers, most of which were tied to Spider-Man’s own powers. Some of which Kaine possessed was; Superhuman Strength – initially starting at the ability to lift 10 tons, his strength mutated allowing him to lift 30 tons. Kaine also developed super human speed, far beyond that of the finest human athletes. Along with that strength and speed came superhuman stamina and durability.

Like Spider-Man, he also has the ability to climb walls. As a mutation of this powers, he has the “Mark of Kaine” in which his touch can alter whatever he touches (whether it be flesh, wood, steel, etc).

Another result of his mutation was retractable claws, similar to Wolverine’s, which he developed. He also had Nightvision, and Biological/Organic webbing generation which he could shoot from his forearms, limited by his body’s health and nutrition.

Accessories: Modified version of Spider-Man’s Stealth Suit, which allows him to turn invisible and be invulnerable to sonic attacks. Serves as his Scarlet Spider costume.