Nova #9 (V1)

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Nova #9 (V1)

The issue begins with Megaman running off with Roger “Caps” – and forcing Nova to choose between saving Roger or saving his parents in the burning house. For Nova, there was never really a choice. Opting to save his parents, Nova manages to pull them all out of the fire before using the water pipes beneath the house as a means of dousing the flames. Rich’s parents arrive at the hospital and find Rich there being checked by the doctor. The doctor confirms there’s nothing wrong with Rich, although the doctor was interested in doing a further analysis on Rich after witnessing the eye blasts that came from him. (See Nova #1 for that)

The scene shifts to Megaman and Roger, where Megaman brings Roger into an abandoned Circus area. He explains that he lived among the Circus people as a side show freak for awhile. He also explains that he doesn’t intend on killing Roger anymore and had actually gone back to save him from being drowned, but Nova got to him first and rescued Roger. Megaman goes on to explain that the thing he encountered when he awoke from the black lake claimed to be the last living thing in creation; and that it had never seen a human before so it reconstructed him into a faceless being, to protect, care for, and eventually love; as he discovered the entity was female. Megaman goes on to explain that he and his wife, Clara had been married but were more like two strangers bound by their wedding vows and their wedding rings. But the truth of the matter was that he had always loved Clara; and he wanted to go back to her. And he wanted Roger to go to her and explain to her what had happened to him and how this time it would be different.

Elsewhere, Richard’s father – Charles – gets a call from Mrs. Gilhardt, the leader of the P.T.A. (Parent Teacher Association) and learns that he is “suspended” and effectively fired. Richard decides he needs time to think things through, see if there’s a way that he can help – and because being Nova helps him clear his mind – takes to the skies. He manages to save Tiger, the cat, belonging to Steve Gorman – and in the boy’s face, the thanks and excitement he sees, reminds Nova why he does what he does.

Back to Roger, he knocks on the door of his Aunt Clara and is told to come in. He sees his Aunt Clara, dressed and poised seductively on the couch. He tries to explain that Nathan is still alive, but she refuses to believe him. Outside, Megaman sees a man named Allen heading up the stairs. Allen enters and asks who the child is and Clara explains that it’s her nephew trying to say that Nathan is still alive. Allen hits the boy saying that he shouldn’t speak lies to his woman – just then Megaman enters the scene and begins going ballistic again. Rogers opts for calling the police for help, which gets to Nova. The fight between Nova and Megaman eventually leads into the Circus Funhouse. Eventually the Protector that created Megaman reappears demanding that he return back with her. Megaman asks Clara to simply confess her love and the Protector would leave him alone; but she watches as slowly, the Protector takes him back to the future – to spend all eternity with her in a lifeless world.