New Warriors #0 (V2)

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New Warriors #0 (Volume 2)

The issue opens up with Elvin Haliday speaking to a class about what it’s like to be a super hero and to be a part of the team called the New Warriors. He goes on to explain his origin, as to how he got his powers, and everything the New Warriors had endured from start to finish.

The scene shifts to Robbie Baldwin, better known as Speedball in another classroom doodling on some paper; his mind thinking about how he would like to reform the New Warriors and who he could get to join the team. His thoughts however are interrupted when his teacher catches him drawing Namorita.

The scene does a smooth transition to Namorita. Appearing out of the ocean, her and Orka battling one another. Just when it seems she has the edge, Orka lands a punch that sends Namorita flying. However, before he could capitalize, Nova comes to the rescue landing a solid punch to the back of Orka’s head, rendering him unconscious. Namorita, however, isn’t thankful – pointing out when her body was mutating again (see Nova #1 Volume Three), that Nova was not there for her. She tells him, “I needed you then, I don’t need you now.” Then throws Orka over his shoulder and dives into the water with him, leaving Nova to stand on the pier alone.

The scene shifts to Turbo, as Mikey is standing over Michael Jefferies grave. She tells him that she’s sorry about everything that happened; and says how she found a sketch he had done, since he had always tried making the suit look “cooler.” With a simple thought, she changes the Turbo suit to respond to the visual she had in mind; a concept design Michael had made for the suit. She promises to keep it and use it well, in his memory.

The scene then shifts to a young man named Trey Jason Rollins who hears the sound of something humming. Following it through the gang ridden area, he finds a golden breastplate which seems to be lying there – discarded!

The scene shifts one last time to Chris Bradley on a bus. As he rides the bus, he recalls the letter he left for his mother and father; about how he would like to make a difference in the world, and that the X-Men were not the answer for him.

And so begins the beginning of the newest version of the New Warriors.