Nova #18 (V2)

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Nova #18 (V2)

The issue begins with Rich’s letter to Laura. He write to her about how she’s always been there for him; all of the things that she’s seen – from him dying, to him being the Man Called Nova; and how she was always there, never judging him.

He explains to her, that it was never about being superior or being above anyone else; or even the powers. But it was about being able to make a difference. To be a part of something like the New Warriors, and make a change in the world that would be for the better.

Rich goes over his entire history, from how he initially got his powers, to joining the New Warriors, right up to when he stood before Adora, having barely out raced and out smarted Garthan Saal, whom he had assumed had been lying about Adora appointing him as the new Nova Corp for the Terrain System.

The scene shows him walking with Garthan Saal, who leads him to his room until they can fly him back to Earth. Garthan Saal suggests Rich use the machine that would allow him to change out of his Nova costume, being snide. Rich makes a remark, to which Garthan Saal explains it will be nice to learn the English language, since he is going to be the new Terrain System Nova Corp. Rich takes a swing, but Garthan Saal easily catches his fist and literally throws Rich into his room.

Garthan Saal joins Reban and Kenan, along with Rich aboard the ship. Kanan runs a check on the ship and notices that something is unusual within the cockpit itself, while Garthan Saal is flying outside. Reban, realizing it’s him (since he’s actually a female dire wraith) causes the engines to misfire and sends the ship spinning out of control. The Dire Wraith reveals itself once Kanan has caught on – it costs Kanan his life, also blowing a hole into the side of the ship.

The ship spins out of control and crash lands on Earth. Rich climbs out of the wreckage and grabs a gun. The alien emerges just as Garthan Saal shows up. Believing the alien only to be an odd Skrull, Rich fires his gun, hitting Garthan Saal, and allowing the Dire Wraith to make its escape.

Garthan Saal tells Rich to enjoy his “walk” while he searches for the Dire Wraith. Rich figures out he is near San Francisco and heads for the city. He climbs to one of the taller buildings and concludes the note with:

“This worked once before. I figure it might work again. If it does, you will never see this note. If it doesn’t, then goodbye.”

And with that, Rich flings himself off the top of the building. (Don’t get the reference? You need to check out New Warriors Volume One #1).

The story concludes in New Warriors #60. (Told you, you should be reading the New Warriors stuff too!) This is the final issue of Nova Volume 2.