Darkhawk #32 (V1)

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The issue begins with some armed men in a floating vehicle with a bomb, when suddenly Darkhawk arrives. Right along with Darkhawk, Savage Steel appears and they team up to take them out. Darkhawk manages to do a new trick in which he uses his grappling claw to try and stop the floating vehicle then uses his force field around the claw to stop the vehicle from moving forward. One of the men however uses an electronic shock to Darkhawk, who plummets – and Savage Steel gives up the chase on the criminals to save Darkhawk and manages to do so. Savage Steel informs Darkhawk to meet at 10pm for a lead that Savage Steel has come across.

Chris changes from Darkhawk to his civilian clothes. Chris thinks back on how his life has spiraled. Everything from being suspended, kicked out of the house by his mother, and having no place to live. Chris also thinks about his recent adventure with the New Warriors, where Zarrko had sent them back in time and Chris discovered that both his father and Philippe Bazin survived the gun shot wounds that he had believed left them both dead.

The scene shifts and we see Grace pull up to their apartment while the house is being repaired and she has Jason take some of the groceries up while she looks for parking. Jason is greeted by Broderick Bazin and he befriends Jason by giving him a video and helping him carry the groceries up to their apartment. Broderick makes himself scarce before Grace comes up. Inside Jonathon gives the phone to Grace explaining that Emily, Steve (better known as Headset)’s mother was calling. Emily explains that Chris is at their place and explained what had happened, and Emily was calling to be sure it was fine with Grace that Chris stayed there until he could get on his feet.

Chris spends the next day looking for a place to stay, finally finding some potential in Soho. The scene shifts and we see Grace talking to an inmate by the name of Jackie, who is accused of murdering the dealer by the name of Victor King. Jackie explains to Grace that he did steal the money that had been found on him but he did not murder Victor King – and all she had to do was look at his file and she would see he never uses a knife, which had been the weapon of choice in killing Victor King.

The scene shifts to Jim Zafar putting on the Savage Steel armor, having gone to his nephew, Greg to get his help with some repairs. Savage Steel meets up with Darkhawk and explains the terrorists with Latverian Terrorists who think that Victor Von Doom is too liberal and were looking to cause some destruction to get others to rally to their cause. They manage to track down and defeat the terrorists.