Nova #1 (V4)

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Nova #1 (V4)

The issue begins with WorldMind, speaking to Nova via his helmet, briefing Nova on what has happened. It explains that the Annihilation Wave has struck Xandar four days ago, destroying it and leaving only Nova as a survivor.

Nova slowly regains consciousness, looking worse for the wear.

As it turns out, the story thus far was that Annihilus led a force of destruction through the Kyln Prisons, then through Gulags, right into Xandar, destroying everything in his path. In the chaos, Drax the Destroyer, a prisoner of the Nova Corps, escaped with a young girl named Cammi.

That was four days ago.

The WorldMind manages to get Nova onto his feet, by its continuous and repetitive warnings that Nova must focus and take action. When Nova asks what he’s supposed to do – the WorldMind tells him that it must be saved, since it houses all the information, data, of the Xandarian Culture.

Nova comes across some of Annihilus’ bug creatures, used to bring destruction upon the worlds – and notices that they’re eating some of the dead Nova Corps. Against WorldMind’s better judgment (who continues to provide Nova with exact stats as to how effective he is in combat), Nova engages the enemy – and is batted away. When the bugs jump him again, he’s forced to retreat – and allows WorldMind to lead him. WorldMind leads him to the hub where it is stored. WorldMind explains it will download itself directly into Rich – and Rich quickly declines, stating Garthan Saal had done something similar with the Nova Force, and it had driven him insane. WorldMind assures him that Garthan Saal did not have WorldMind to help him control the flow of his powers.

The merge results in a change in Nova’s outfit. The merge is explosive and makes Nova feel like there’s a star literally singing in his chest, with energy. Nova then begins flying through some of Annihilus’ ships, destroying them, as they orbit the shattered remains of Xandar.

An explosion sends Nova crashing on the planet; and when he comes to, he’s face to face with none other than Drax and Cammi.