Nova #8 (V2)

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Nova #8 (V2)

The issue opens with a handful of armored men in space heading for a small satellite like vessel floating aimlessly – their mission is one of simplicity; piracy. However, that small satellite is none other than a highly secret U.S. Defense surveillance satellite only recently put into orbit.

The armor figures ignore the recorded warning from the satellite as they push it through the rockets in their boots, back towards their own ship.

The scene shifts to Nova flying with Bernie and Caps – he drops them off at Bernie’s Cousin’s cabin and then takes off into space – having received the distress signal from the U.S. Defense surveillance satellite.

Nova arrives just as the space pirates are closing the hatch – he quickly dispatches one and then proceeds to rend the doors open. Nova manages to convince the pirates to reconsider their actions and contact the Air Force to lead them in. As they approach the base, Nova departs – however, his helmet remains in contact via radio – where he overhears the ship exploding, with no survivors.

Nova returns to the cabin and joins Bernie and Caps, but declines to eat.

The scene shifts to a man who has adopted the name Warhead, sitting in a chair. He gets the command to destroy Nova quickly. He gathers the other two members of Shatterforce – the beautiful, yet lethal Murder, as well as the demented Strangler.

The scene shifts again to the cabin where Rich apologizes to Caps for yelling earlier. Rich thinks about Laura and Namorita; and we see Laura getting a call from a classmate Chas, whose father is in law – she declines to go out to dinner with him, but begins to second guess herself; while Namorita ponders if Rich could handle the responsibility that would come with the idea of them becoming more romantically involved.

The scene cuts back to Rich, Bernie and Caps, when suddenly Shatterforce attacks. Bernie and Caps quickly clear out and allow Rich to assume his Nova identity. Nova takes a few hits but manages to handle them just fine – until Murder strikes him with her blasts. However, Strangler’s electro-shock, much to his surprise, actually recharges Nova, rather than incapacitates him.

Nova shams for a bit and manages to turn the tide of battle, until the cries of Bernie and Caps draws his attention and allows him to be sucker punched.