Firestar #1 (LS)

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Firestar #1 (LS)

The issue opens up with Firestar’s grandmother looking at Angelica’s palm and noting that she bare the special mark of “M” stating that she has incredible talents. Angelica’s father, Bartholomew “Bart” Jones, tells Angelica to hurry because she doesn’t want to be late for her first day at the new school.

When Angelica leaves, her grandmother (whom is only named as “Nana”) nearly collapses, and Bartholomew quickly catches her, telling her that there must be other doctors that they can go to. She dismisses him, and tells him that she is just an old woman who is starting to wear out.

At the school, when Angelica gets off the bus, she over hears several girls talking about her. One of those girls is one named Cassie and she takes a special interest in Angelica when the boy she’s interested in, Chuck Belson, says that Angelica is cute and he escorts her to the Admission Office.

The scene shifts to X-Mansion, home of the Uncanny X-Men and New Mutants. We see Katherine “Kitty” Pryde getting some equipment for Professor Xavier to activate Cerebro to detect mutants.

The scene shifts again, this time to the Massachusetts Academy, Emma Frost walks through the school grounds and enters an area unknown to the public, which leads to the Hellfire Club. Inside there, Emma Frost becomes the infamous White Queen. She expresses concern about one of the Hellfire Club “employees” had left his post, which could cost them the race against Professor Charles Xavier to find new mutants around the world.

The scene shifts to Angelica in class, where one of her teachers scolds her for not knowing the topic at hand. Angelica tries to explain that at her last school they had not covered the subject. During the lunch the same girls, along with Cassie, take another opportunity to mock Angelica. When they leave, the anger finally overcomes Angelica, and unexpectedly, her power manifests, causing the milk to explode onto her teacher.

At the Massachusetts Academy, her signature power is detected and the White Queen is summoned.

Back at the school with Angelica, during an ice sculpture contest, Chuck Benson shows up again, and ignores Cassie and heads over to talk to Angelica. Proud of her ice sculpture, and confident that she may win, the next day at home she is extremely happy. When she leaves for school, her Nana suffers a heart attack, that this time, proves to be the last.

Unbeknown to Angelica, at school she checks on her ice sculpture and finds it destroyed. Seeing Cassie, she realizes who is responsible, and through anger lashes out unknowingly with her mutant powers, melting the other ice sculptures.

When her powers activate again, this time melting a payphone; her powers register on both Cerebro for the X-Men, as well as the monitors at Massachusetts Academy.

Back to Angelica coming home, she sees the ambulance outside her home. Her father grabs her, and delivers the sad news that her Nana has passed on. At the graveyard, her father tries to console her and tell her things will be all right; and that’s when Angelica triggers her powers and tells her father that nothing will ever be all right again.

At their home, Angelica’s father is distraught over the fact that his daughter is “a mutant monster.” A knock came to his door, and Emma Frost enters the house, telling Angelica’s father that she is there to help with his “problem.”

Too late, Charles Xavier and the X-Men arrive and realize that Emma Frost, better known as The White Queen has already arrived.