Darkhawk #35 (V1)

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The issue begins with Broderick wiping his bloody knife off with a newspaper. Jason calls for Broderick and he turns around and leaves the person he murdered behind. He tells Jason that it’s time that Jason kicks it up to the next level.

The scene shifts to Mike Powell being tended to by a nurse. The nurse leaves with another thug, and Mike Powell suddenly sits up. He makes his way out the door and finds a phone where he places a call, unaware that he’s being watched and that they had set him up. He tries to call Grace, but no one picks up since they’re staying at a hotel. Mike Powell passes out.

The scene shifts yet again, and Grace and Allegra are seen racing through the streets in the car. They have checked Broderick’s normal hang outs and not found him, and deduce that he must be going after Chris. Speaking of Chris, Broderick and Jason are in the bushes. Jason has a gun aimed at Chris, and asks Broderick if the caps in the gun will scare Chris for letting the family down. Broderick ensures Jason that the caps are harmless and will do nothing more than scare Chris and teach him a lesson for letting the family down. Jason steps out and points the gun at Chris, telling him to put down the ball, and explaining how upset he is with Chris, and how he’s ashamed to share the last name. Just then, Grace and Allegra show up and tell Jason to put the gun down, assuring him that it’s a real gun that Jason has. Just then Jason turns the gun in Broderick’s direction, explaining that he knew, once he saw Broderick kill the man in the park, that Broderick was the real problem. Broderick assures Jason that he and the man in the park had staged it to make it look like he was murdered; and Broderick manages to edge close enough to take the gun away. Broderick grabs Jason and puts the gun to his head. Chris tries to assure Broderick that he had no problem with Jason, and that his real problem was with Chris. Broderick tells Chris to stop moving closer, taking his attention off Jason just long enough for Jason to elbow Broderick, which gives Chris the time to lunge and Broderick and tackle him. Chris lands a solid punch, but Broderick pulls out his knife. But that doesn’t stop Chris. He lands punch after punch on Broderick, rendering him nearly unconscious. It takes Allegra and Grace to pull Chris off to even stop him. Chris learns that Allegra knew about Broderick, and tells her that they can never be together, even as the police arrive and take them both away.

At their home, Chris continues to pack, because his mother still holds it to Chris that until he is responsible, he can’t move in. Grace moves to check the messages and suddenly hears the message left by Mike Powell, her husband! Everyone freaks out but Chris, who assures them that he has some contacts that could look into this and set things straight. Chris runs outside, around the corner and turns into Darkhawk. Darkhawk begins flying to San Francisco.

At that same time in San Francisco, Venom engages in combat with some common thugs, telling them that he’s tired of being chased by someone in the “Underworld” who wants to capture him. Venom kills all the thugs, save one, who reveals the address to the people who are trying to capture him. The scene briefly changes where we see Darkhawk has managed to make it Chicago, but is exhausted. Landing he transforms from Darkhawk, back to Chris, then to Darkhawk again; and feels the zest of freshness and continues his flight towards San Francisco. Later, Venom arrives at the address, only to be greeted by Darkhawk, who figures if Venom is involved, it’s best to put a stop to it. Venom, who is confused, asks Darkhawk why he would attack; unless he was working for the people trying to capture him. Naturally a fight breaks out between the two of them, that is eventually interrupted by four armed figures calling themselves The Seekers.