Darkhawk #30 (V1)

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This issue is a part of the Infinity Crusade.

The issue begins with Darkhawk sitting with other heroes, who have not been “converted” by the wave of “Peace” brought by the Infinity Crusade. Those not affected tend to be the less religious of the heroes. Reed Richards notes that those who have been “converted” tend to almost be in a zombie-like state. There is no arguing however, that the peace that has swept over the majority of the world seems to be a good thing – from child abuse stopping, torturers letting their victims go, and even super villains such as Beetle, stopping his crime in the middle of the act, to help out officers who had only moments ago, tried to stop him.

Spider-Woman (Julie Carpenter) approaches Darkhawk, seeing that he is being silent and asks if he wants to talk. He explains he’s concerned about his mother, and Spider-Woman reveals she is worried about her daughter. She offers to speak of it more, but Darkhawk declines her offer and decides instead to take off to meet with his mother.

The scene shifts to the peaceful world, where a mobster is able to walk by a police officer and wave. A figure approaches the mobster and asks for a light. The mobster reaches for the light only to get gutted by a knife. It appears that while the “peace” brought on by the woman calling herself “The Goddess” has swept over the world; madness is immune to its effects… and the man with the knife is none other than Broderick Bazin, who has slipped deep into his own world of madness.

The scene shifts to the turbulent seas of the Bermuda Triangle, where a fisherman’s crew is witness to all the “evil” in the world; all of its essence; is given form into an energy being. The being senses other atheists such as itself and heads in that direction.

Elsewhere Chris and his mother, Grace, meet for a quick lunch. She explains that Chris is ruining his life, with being suspended from school, disappearing at all hours of the day and night, and sometime for days. Chris is about to tell his mother his secret of being Darkhawk when the waitress arrives and interrupts their conversation. He then notices the time and tries to excuse himself, but his mother explains that if Chris has no time for the family, then the family has no time for him, and he will have to move out. Chris leaves his mother crying, yet again.

As Darkhawk, as he’s heading back to the mansion to meet with the other heroes, he sees the energy being and suspects it’s a sneak attack by “The Goddess” so he engages in combat; however it’s like nothing he’s ever felt before – he feels only dread and fear. The creature strikes out with energy tendrils that Darkhawk describes as “evil.”

A scene shift and Broderick walks past his sister, Allegra, his shirt covered in blood. She talks about how he’s done it again, and he counters that he’s done what needs to be done for the family and she had best stay out of his way.

The scene changes back to Darkhawk fighting the energy being known as “Pureheart.” Darkhawk tries to blast it, but it just uses the blast to absorb Darkhawk’s power. Darkhawk tries removing his helmet to disorient the creature, but the creature only seems to laugh at Darkhawk. Darkhawk manages to overload the creature which falls into the ocean and makes its escape.

Back at home, Chris packs, and his brother Jonathon wishes to remain in contact; but Jason lets his feelings be known, blaming Chris for the family falling further and further apart. Grace asks where he will be staying, and Chris replies, “With friends. Somewhere.”