Darkhawk #22 (V1)

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Ghost Rider arrives taking on the demonic form of Mr. Stevens. Stunned, the demonic creature releases Darkhawk, allowing him to change into Chris Powell to stop the searing headaches again. The demon over takes Ghost Rider, who is in turn saved by Darkhawk now. Ghost Rider regains his composure and attacks the demon, now realizing the extent of the demon’s power. Several men arrive in a car, hoping to get a hold of Bazin’s possessions, but find themselves under attack by the demon. Ghost Rider and Darkhawk are forced to assist the men, which gives the demonic Mr. Stevens a chance to escape. Darkhawk mentions going after Mr. Stevens when he’s attacked once more by a searing headache.

The scene shifts and we see an approaching ship that warns Chris Powell that his fate is rapidly approaching and he has only tasted a fraction of the power that is coming for him. Chris switches back to his human form and throws the amulet, unable to bear the pain. Not far away, both Saint Johnny and the mysterious figure who had claimed to wear the Darkhawk armor previously, suffer equally as much, hearing the voice of the figure within the ship, who is punishing them both for not betraying and handing Chris Powell over as requested.

Ghost Rider informs Darkhawk that he understands if he can’t help, but there has been innocent blood shed (looking in the direction of the decapitated Lonny). Darkhawk lets Ghost Rider go after the demonic Mr. Stevens and as Chris, he heads for the radio station where he works. “Madman” Marley gives Chris some things to file and while Chris is there an incoming fax shows news of Ghost Rider fighting the demon at Kew Mall, and losing. Chris realizes he must help out as Darkhawk, but when he reaches in the drawer to get the amulet – it’s gone!

Chris sees that Traci, the DJ has it and she’s live on the air, discussing how she will give it away if the first viewer who calls and correctly guesses who the bass player of Pearl Jam is. Chris realizes that he has to get it back, but doing so will lose his job at the radio station. He has no choice, and bursts into the room and runs off with the amulet, after hearing about Ghost Rider fighting the demon.

At that same time, in the sundered remains of Wonderland, Saint Johnny turns on the mysterious figure who had claimed to wear the Darkhawk armor before Chris, and explains that he can’t take the pain anymore and that he will find Powell and hand him over to the mysterious pilot of the rapidly approaching ship.

Darkhawk arrives and assists Ghost Rider against the demonic Mr. Stevens. They cut loose, realizing that the demonic Mr. Stevens is no longer human, and has sworn to kill, torture and devour every innocent person it comes across. They manage to wound the demon enough so that the scepter of power is visible through the monster’s flesh. Darkhawk strikes it and it reverts Mr. Stevens back into a human. Ghost Rider explains that the scepter was not evil; it had merely taken Mr. Steven’s own heart and desire and granted him the power to accomplish it. However, in the chaos of the police approaching, another mysterious figure emerges and takes the scepter of power. Ghost Rider departs, as does Darkhawk. Darkhawk is stricken by the searing head pain, with the amulet flairing up again. He lands and reverts to Chris, and the pain subsides once more. He arrives at home to find Saint Johnny threatening one of his brothers. Chris pulls Saint Johnny away and demands some answers, but then the searing headache comes again, even while Chris is in his human form.

Chris asks for help but discovers that Saint Johnny has converted into a technological terror!