New Warriors #9 (V2)

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New Warriors #9 (Volume 2)

The issue opens up with Iron Man choking Nova, with the other New Warriors scattered about unconscious. Nova looks to each of them, and thinks what he would say to them, if he could speak. If had just one more chance to talk! Realizing that this may be his final moment, he thinks back to what lead him to be in Iron Man’s hands.

His thoughts go back two hours, when the Warriors, along with Danny Rand (better known to most as Iron Fist), land at Danny’s little retreat in New Jersey. Danny Rand informs the Warriors that their fight with Junzo is over, but it’s not over for him. The Warriors turn to Night Thrasher and ask if he would like to rejoin. Night Thrasher laughs, and informs the Warriors that until they get a leader, the Warriors will continue to lose every fight they partake in. With that, he does a backwards flip over the edge and disappears.

A little while later, Nova lands at his job at Marvel Burger and begins working until Blizzard begins a fight outside of Marvel Burger. Nova quickly suits up and flies outside to fight Blizzard. Blizzard, with very little effort, makes the very over confident Nova, look like a fool. Realizing Nova was in trouble, Bernie triggered the Warriors Comm-Badge to summon the Warriors.

The Warriors in no time at all, and manage to momentarily knock Blizzard off balance. But he recovers quickly, and uses his powers to keep the Warriors at bay. It’s not till the arrival of Iron Man, who single-handedly takes Blizzard down with one punch, does the fight apparently come to an end.

However, Iron Man doesn’t stop there. He continues beating and pounding on the helpless Blizzard. The New Warriors watch and try to tell Iron Man that Blizzard is down; but he doesn’t listen. The New Warriors then decide that they have to stop Iron Man before he makes a mistake. He makes quick work of the New Warriors, with only Nova left to stand. Nova charges him and manages to land several punches, however, it hardly phases Iron Man, who then grabs Nova by the throat, bringing him to the point where the issue begins.

Iron Man then comes to his senses and releases Nova and flies off. (His actions can be explained in Iron Man #29 for those that are interested). When the news arrives, Ginger quickly points out to the news that Nova “killed” her husband (a slight exaggeration of the events in Nova Volume 3 #1).

Meanwhile, Namorita and Bolt are in her room watching the news which is talking about how The Fantastic Four have allied themselves with Doctor Doom. Namorita throws a pillow at the television saying that the Warriors have the worse luck with who they date. Bolt then takes the opportunity to confess to Namorita about him having the Legacy Virus. And Namorita promises to keep his secret.

Elsewhere, Nova explains to Turbo about how he had shoved Ginger’s husband through the wall; but it had been unintentional, because his powers had been fluctuating. Nova then apologizes for whining; and Turbo admits that during the Dalton fiasco she was whining; and that Nova and Turbo were made for one another, since they were both whiners. Just as their lips draw together to kiss, Speedball peeks his head around the corner and says that they’re headed for Hollywood and that the script has been accepted!