Nova #6 (V3)

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Nova #6 (V3)

The issue opens with Sphinx absorbing more lives, finally making himself complete. Sphinx sets out to find someone he’s run into many times – someone who is a fountain of seemingly endless energy – the man called Nova!

The scene jumps to Rich, Bernie and Roger coming out of a movie theater. Bernie and Roger try to explain to the move to Rich, who can’t seem to grasp the symbolic meaning of the movie.

The scene shifts to several hours later where Rich awakes, and is greeted by Roger who is telling him it’s time to get ready for the game. Rich seems uninterested, choosing rather sleep over the game; until Roger coaxes him with the promise of Jennifer Smith being there!

The scene jumps to Rich knocking, yet another, out of the park. Bernie approaches with a redheaded woman who is eager to meet Rich; however, Rich completely shrugs her off and gives all of his attention to Jennifer Smith. She asks – no, tells – Rich that they’re going on a date together. At that very moment, an explosion happens and right before Rich’s eyes, he sees the life force of Bernie and Jennifer sucked right out of them, leaving their bodies as empty husks.

It turns out to be none other than Sphinx, seeking to destroy and drain the energy of Nova. Sphinx and Nova exchange a few blows, before Sphinx is force to recover my life force, which allows him to grow a terrible two stories.

Nova finally manages to pry the Ka Stone away from the Sphinx and throws it into the sun. There’s a large explosion and Nova sees that people are returning to normal, and the city is restoring itself. He cheers at the fact that he’s finally did it – he’s finally saved the world.

However, time rewinds right back to before Sphinx’s appearance, and no one recalls what had happened!

The issue concludes with Venom swearing revenge for his sister – a casualty during one of Nova’s battles.