Darkhawk #6 (V1)

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Darkhawk #6 (V1)

The issues begins with Darkhawk attacking Philippe Bazin’s guards and going directly after Bazin. Darkhawk has little trouble against Bazin’s mobster guards and manages to get into Bazin’s home. He grabs Bazin and swears that he’s had it with Bazin’s threats – and that he is going to kill Bazin. His threats, however, are interrupted by the arrival of Bazin’s three children: Allegra, Broderick, and Andrew. Allegra and Broderick, both whom are roughly Chris’ age, while Andrew is much younger. It is Allegra that steps up and demands that Darkhawk leave her father alone, claiming he’s never harmed anyone. Darkhawk, discovers that their mother was killed and Bazin is all they have left of their family; he curses himself and finds that he can’t kill Bazin and departs. Bazin makes a call about rushing ahead with “Project: Lodestone.”

Later, Chris is at home playing basketball with his younger brothers, when he hears his mother getting into a fight in the house. He goes to examine and sees that it’s several officers. It’s Jimmy Zafar who seems to keep everyone cool as they leave. Grace swears that the officers are covering up something and that it probably has something to do with Mike’s disappearance.

At a New York hospital, Captain America personally visits Charles Little Sky, who continues to drift in and out of consciousness. Chris also arrives at the hospital, seeking to talk to Portal, to ask where he got the pieces of his Darkhawk armor and what he knows about it. Just as he gets there, there U-Foes attack, seeking to abduct Portal. Chris slips into a closet and transforms into Darkhawk and begins assisting Captain America against the U-Foes. When Vapor tries to choke Darkhawk by turning into chlorine gas, Darkhawk makes the amazing discovery that while in his Darkhawk armor he doesn’t need to breathe air.

Outside, Matt Murdock is walking by when his heightened senses pick up the sound of combat. Running into an alleyway, he changes into his Daredevil suit and joins the battle against the U-Foes. The U-Foes take a hostage, and as the heroes try to deal with it, Charles Little Sky awakens and challenges everyone to fight him and that he needs no heroes to fight for him. The sudden appearance of Charles Little Sky throws the U-Foes for a loop, allowing the heroes to get the upper hand and save the hostages. Darkhawk pursues Charles Little Sky and asks about the armor. Charles confesses that someone wear that armor tried to kill him; and he killed them first and took the armor. Then he uses his portal ability and teleports away.

At home Chris finds another note among the mail to ditch the Darkhawk armor while he can.

Elsewhere, Bazin is working with others on “Project: Lodestone.”