Nova #24 (V1)

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Nova #24 (V1)

The issue begins with Sphinx confronting Doctor Sun. They speak for a moment, and Sphinx learns while he wants to find a way to end his own existence – than Doctor Sun seeks to prolong his. Nova breaks free and tries to fight them – but Sphinx easily defeats Nova.

Back on Earth, Comet continues to search for Nov. Crime Buster happens to spot Comet and seems to recognize him. Crime Buster then decides to run Comet through several tests – and concludes that it could really be Comet – despite thinking he was dead.

Comet forces Crime Buster’s plane down to the ground – where they unmask and discover that Crime Buster is none other than Comet’s son! Crime Buster explains how he thought Comet was the greatest hero and had wanted to follow in his footsteps.

Elsewhere, Sphinx controls Nova’s every move and forces him to go to London to recover Powerhouse. Powerhouse recognizes Nova and the two fight briefly before Sphinx teleports them – along with Crime Buster and Comet – back to the Nova Prime ship. Sphinx reveals that Powerhouse is not from Earth at all – and that he was sent down to investigate Earth. He had hoped to return home when a cosmic catastrophe occurred, preventing him from ever returning home. He explained how he crashed into the ocean on Earth and was found by Condor who convinced him that he had been the sole survivor of an ocean liner.

Elsewhere on the ship, Diamondhead climbs out of the panel of Crime Buster’s ship…