New Warriors #1 V5


New Warriors #1 (V5)


New Warriors #1 opens up with a trail of blood, and what appears to be Bova Ayrshire, bleeding to death as she tries to crawl away. However, she finds herself at the feet of the High Evolutionary, who looks down at her and says, “You were never meant to be. And judgement comes even for the innocent.”

The scene shifts to Speedball and Justice involved in a fight with several of the members of Salem’s Seven that included: Vertigo, Reptilla, Thornn, Brutacus, and what appears to be Vakume. Speeball, being his regularly over chatty self, is told to be quiet by Justice and to concentrate. The duo seem to have the upper hand until Vertigo causes Justice to get dizzy and ill; but, never one to give up easily, Justice created a telekinesis ball around him that thrust outward. This gave them only a brief moment to recover before Speedball found his leg wrapped around by Reptilla. Justice tries talking to Vertigo and discovers that Speedball may have acted hastily by attacking Brutacus, because he “looked like a villain.”

The scene shifts to Kaine Parker and María Aracely, better known as Scarlet Spider and Hummingbird (respectively). As they walked through Mazatlan, Mexico – Hummingbird picks up on the distress of someone in the alleyway. Kaine initially wants to leave the situation alone, but Hummingbird convinces him that they should help. The two of them bust up three would be muggers, who are threatening a young couple. One of the would be muggers finds Kaine’s wrist dagger going through his hand, while the other is grabbed by the face and gets “the Mark of Kaine.” The third one grabs the woman as a hostage, but Hummingbird appears from the shadows, and uses her power to manipulate emotion – and creates an intense arachnophobia within the mugger that the site of the Scarlet Spider sends him running for his life.

The scene shifts again, this time to New York City where we see Sungirl is busting a robber – when there’s a sudden explosion in the Grand Central Terminal. She flies over to investigate.

But the scene shifts again, this time back to New Salem, where Justice learns that Salem’s Seven has turned away from the ways of evil and now seek to do good. The small town of New Salem is not only their haven – but they are the protectors. As Justice walks with Vertigo, she explains that New Salem is a haven for anyone born with magic – and that even Doctor Strange sends some people to New Salem to be find safety and protection. Three beings suddenly appear, threatening to “burn them all.”

The scene goes back to Kaine Parker and María Aracely, as they relax on the beach in Mexico. María Aracely notices that the sunset is really beautiful and capturing the red colors of the sky beautifully; however, it is Kaine Parker who notices that the seas are not red from the reflection of the sunset – rather, it is a massive pool of blood with several bodies floating in the waves – bodies of blue skinned humanoids – Atlanteans. At that moment, Faira Sar Namora – also known as Water Snake – arrives and simply states, “I seek heroes.”

The scene returns to Sungirl as she enters the Grand Central Terminal, and sees a hole has been burned through the ground. She ventures down, and hears the signs of battle. She asks if anyone is alive – and just as she turns the corner, she sees something she would have never expected – three mysterious beings (the same that had shown up in New Salem) – attacking a group of super powered beings – the Morlocks!

The scene shifts to Sam Alexander – better known as the newest Nova. In New Mexico, he finds himself fighting Hybrid – a half human/half Dire Wraith. Nova blasts Hybrid and knocks him down – and Hyrbid reverts to his human child self. This gives Nova pause, but Hybrid once again resumes the Dire Wraith side of himself – but finds himself attacked from behind – by the same beings who appeared in New Salem and attacked the Morlocks. Nova, unsure of what to make of it – thanks them, thinking they’re there to help him. Instead, he also finds himself attacked from behind and rendered unconscious by none other than the High Evolutionary, who explains the beings who assist him are known as the Evolutionaries, and that they shall be the key to mankind’s salvation.