Nova #14 (V2)

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Nova #14 (V2)

The issue begins with Warhead being restored. Several tubes and wires connect into his armor, recharging him. He believes that it is no coincidence that he has managed to escape death twice; since he has yet to make Nova pay.

Warhead is then told that he’s been taken off the Nova Sanctions by Planner, who comes in with the Aakon. Warhead threatens one of the Aakon and is nearly killed; spared only because the Aakon did not believe it was worth the effort to kill Warhead.

The scene cuts to Darkhawk, Namorita, Speedball, Justice, Turbo, Firestar and Nova all in a helicopter being piloted by Sprocket as Nova uses his helmet to continue to hone in on the Shadow Consortium’s signal.

Just then a signal comes in from Adora, demanding that Nova report to her and that an emergency has come up Nova declines saying that his own world is in trouble and he’s trying to save it; Adora assures him that one way or another, he will be summoned.

Nova and Justice exchange words, before Turbo interrupts them as they get a signal that reads “0:0.” Understanding that the signal means they’re on the mark, Nova takes off, followed closely by Namorita.

They spot an old factory, where suddenly, with no warning, armored men come flying out, blasting at Namorita and Nova. Firestar and Justice handle the Stinger Missiles fired at the helicopter, while Darkhawk, Turbo and Speedball leap out and join the fighting down below.

They break into the factory and begin plowing through the armored guards until suddenly Shatterforce (Murder, Strangler and Warhead) come busting through the ceiling. Nova and Warhead immediately lock into combat; but Nova is distracted when Murder manages to get the drop on Namorita and zaps her with her lethal blast.

Nova loses it, and begins beating on Warhead.

The scene shifts and we see Thera shoot and kill Maxoff, with the intention of assuming his rank. Planner arrives with one of the Aakon by the name of Daakor, who decides to provide a distraction for the New Warriors while the others make their escape.

They make their escape through a pod that blasts off into space – and as a result begins bringing down the factory, causing a massive cave in. Nova remains to try and help survivors and comes across Maxoff, who is still alive. Maxoff manages to mutter that he was betrayed, and he only sought to warn her that the bomb the Aarkon are working on, has now become lethal to the entire Earth.

Nova suddenly realizes what Maxoff means.


The scene shifts to Rich’s brother who is working on the Nova Express, when two Aarkon break in and abduct him.