New Warriors #2 (V3)

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New Warriors #2 (Volume 3)

In Salina, Kansas the scene begins with John Burrow’s Personal Zoo being used as some kind of fortress while the animals over ran the city. When the Warriors arrive at the zoo, they are confronted by Erika Hopson, who Nova simply confuses for a fan, continuing his conversation with Night Thrasher that they should steam roll through the animals. Ashely corrects Nova and lets him know that Erika is actually a member of SPOTA (Society for the Protection Of Televised Animals). After brief interviews with Erika, only Namorita, Microbe and Speedball are permitted inside the zoo for the animal’s safety.

Namorita and the others come across several male walrus. After a brief yelling match she gains their respect. However, the walrus lead them into a trap where John Burrow reveals himself, explaining that there is no animal more sexist than a bull walrus. John Burrow unleashes a gas made to calm a five ton elephant. However, before Microbe slips into unconsciousness, he realizes there’s something particularly off about John Burrow’s “germs.”

Seeing this, Nova and Night Thrasher fly into the zoo to see if they can help their team mates. Meanwhile, Speedball slowly comes to and sees that John Burrows is none other than part of Red Ghost’s Super Apes! (Although they rapidly correct them to say that they’re merely the Super Apes, and no longer a part of Red Ghost). They learn that John Burrow has actually been captured for well over two months, left in a cage with a broken television and a pile of money.

Speedball manages to distract them with “animal versus animal” questions, such as tiger versus lion; bear versus rhino; hyena versus leopard; and finally when he asks gorilla versus ape; the two begin to fight amongst one another.

Finally, the apes cease fighting when they realize that the fight has become tainted and that they would much rather talking things out peacefully. With the promise of better conditions, peace and order is restored to the zoo once more.