Real Name: Namorita (legally Namorita “Nita” Prentiss in surface society)
Aliases: Kymaera, Hard
Identity: No dual identity
Occupation: Adventurer, co-ruler; former board member of Oracle, Inc., student
Citizenship: Atlantean
Place of Birth: Atlantis
Known Relatives: Namora (“mother”, deceased); Talan (father, deceased); Namor, Byrrah, Dara, Arkus (first cousins once removed); Fen (great-aunt, deceased); Thakorr (great-grandfather, deceased); Korra (great-grandmother, presumed deceased); large extended family
Group Affiliation: Formerly Council of Three, New Warriors, Fantastic Four, Soldiers of Misfortune, Water Children
First Appearance: Sub-Mariner #50 (1972)
History: Namorita was born in 1958 to Namora, half-human cousin of Atlantis’s Prince Namor; unknown to her husband Talan, Namora became pregnant via genetic manipulation by Atlantean scientist Vyrra, who implanted her with her own clone, infused with genes from Atlantis’s greatest warriors. Talan died when Namorita was three, and she and Namora relocated to Lemuria. Eventually, Namora grew attracted to Lemuria’s ruler, Merro; however, Namora’s rival, Llyra, poisoned Namora when Namorita was still a pre-adolescent. Llyra assumed the throne of Lemuria soon after, and Namorita remained in her care, suspecting her of Namora’s death but unable to prove it.

In recent years, Llyra plotted against Namor and forced Namorita to lure Namor into a trap. Namor foiled their plans and, reunited with the cousin he had not seen since her infancy, he entrusted her welfare to his longtime surface friend, Betty Prentiss. Under Prentiss’s guidance, Namorita attended high school and college, and she took Prentiss’s last name following her guardian’s death. Namorita herself acted as mentor to the alien Wundarr, and when he attained adult intelligence as the Aquarian, she briefly joined his spiritual movement, the Water Children.

When the alien menace Terrax surfaced, Namorita and other superhumans defeated him and joined forces as the New Warriors. After some time with the Warriors, Namorita was shocked to learn of her cloned nature. Reassured by Namor, she fell in love with teammate Nova, only to undergo a physical transformation into a more primitive and powerful form of Atlantean. Eventually regaining her original appearance, she and Nova grew apart, and she later dated the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four, although that relationship also ended. At present, she co-rules Atlantis with Namor and the warrior Andromeda.

During a televised raid by the New Warriors of a building in which Cobalt Man, Speedfreak, Coldheart, and Nitro, who had recently escaped from the Raft, resided. Namorita followed after Nitro. Slamming him into a bus, Namorita taunted him, but Nitro screamed he wasn’t the kind of loser that she was used to facing, she was in fact “playing with the big boys now”, before letting off a massive explosion that killed Namorita, Night Thrasher, Microbe, all of the children at the nearby elementary school, and all residents in the surrounding neighborhood where the fight took place.

The New Warriors, put together by Justice and Speedball, assist their newest member, Watersnake in her quest to find Namorita, whom she believes has somehow survived. Justice is seen with the New Warriors, and Namorita is among them.

Height: 5’6″
Weight: 225 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Powers: Namorita possesses superhuman strength, speed, durability, agility, and reflexes; she can lift up to 75 tons underwater, although prolonged surface activity can reduce her strength to 33% or lower. She can survive underwater indefinitely and has special vision adapted to undersea depths. She can fly via finlike wings, secrete corrosive acid or paralyzing toxin from her hands, and change her skin color as camouflage. Namorita ages extremely slowly, even by Atlantean standards; nearly a half-century old, she appears to be in her twenties. Namorita’s vitality diminishes when out of water; renewed contact with water immediately restores her to peak strength.

Accessories: Has been known to use Atlantean Armor and Weapons.

Note: Namorita is trained in Atlantean combat methods and fluent in English, Atlantean, and Lemurian.

During a battle between two Sphinx’s in the Fault, one of the Sphinx’s pulled Namorita from the time line as one of his champions in the pages of Nova. Reed Richards, Namorita, and Black Bolt were all pulled from different spots in the time line, while Nova and Darkhawk were pulled from the same one. (Darkhawk was pulled accidentally). When the battle concluded against the younger Sphinx, everyone was yanked back to their time line – but Nova, knowing Namorita would die in the explosion that triggered The Civil War among the heroes – grabbed her and pulled her into a kiss, as everyone returned to their normal times.

Much to Nova’s surprise, Namorita returned to his time line alive and well. Through discussions with her, Nova learned that this Namorita had just begun to fall in love with Nova when she was pulled from her time line.

NOTE: Namorita is seen, alive again, at the end of the most recent run of the New Warriors (written by Christopher Yost). This may be due to Water Snake’s mission, where Christopher Yost noted: WaterSnake was intended to be one of a dozen clones; to go out and find Namorita and bring her back. The clone would then absorb the memories and personality of Namorita, and thus be destroyed; giving birth to Namorita. During one of the issues (New Warriors (V5) #5), Watersnake notes that the ancestors have sensed Namorita, and that she is alive. At the very end of the series, a blue skinned Namorita is seen standing with the team. It is unknown if one of the clones found Namorita, and resurrected her. Or if this is the time displaced Namorita, who happened to have undergone her own blue transformation as the original Namorita had done, and that perhaps it is the time displaced Namorita that the ancestors detected as being alive. This is the most logical (and easiest!) explanation. But this story was never told/explained.