Night Thrasher #19 (V2)

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Night Thrasher #19 (V2)

The scene opens up Night Thrasher and Rage busting up another gang who has the “super guns” from Sinergy Technology. A man adorned in armor appears to nails Rage. However, Night Thrasher positions himself so that if one hit from his staff lands a solid hit – the armor would explode. The man leaves the suit of armor to Night Thrasher and Rage and flees.

Back at Taylor’s home, Dwayne gets a call from the elderly woman Mrs. McCann explaining that Tantrum has a problem. When Night Thrasher arrives at the home of Mrs. McCann, he learns that Tantrum is still suffering from cancer; and that he had stood trial and the judge pardoned him on the notion that the removal of the tumor in his brain would help improve his mood, and also that he had one year to live.

Tantrum then explains that some gang members stole the very drugs that he had used – and that by midnight the street would be over run by drug enhanced “Tantrums.” Night Thrasher agrees to track them down and finds them. Initially Night Thrasher seems to have the edge; but the drugs enhance their strength and endurance.

The elderly around the neighborhood show up and tell the “Tantrums” to cease their activities. One of them refuses, but another one has a grandfather in the crowd whom he moves to protect. The drugs eventually wear off and the fighting ceases. Night Thrasher realizes that Rage needs to let out his own pain and fear and anger over the loss of his own grandmother – or else Rage is bound to turn out like Night Thrasher.