Night Thrasher #14 (V2)

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Night Thrasher #14 (V2)

The issue begins with a flashback of Night Thrasher’s past. We see Night Thrasher, Silhouette and Midnight’s Fire dealing with a gang member when a lone officer arrives to try and break it up. The gang member guns down the police officer; however, the officer manages to get off a shot that hits the gangster, whose aim changes as he falls – sending his bullets through Silhouette’s back – paralyzing her forever.

The scene shifts to Bandit holding Silhouette close; his hand on her scars on her back. He escorts her back to the bed and excuses himself. Bandit heads to Multi-Chem, a division of the Taylor Foundation and breaks in with the intent of stealing company secrets and selling it to competitors of the Taylor Foundation. Bandit finds a folder about the Bio-Dyne acquisition and takes it with him.

The scene shifts back to Tommy “Scorch” Ng and Dwayne Taylor. Tommy asks Dwayne if the copy of the Bio-Dyne acquisition. Tommy burns the document in his hands after Dwayne verifies it’s the only copy and informs Dwayne that he no longer uses the name “Scorch” now that Tommy has gone from metamorphosis mutant psychokinetic drug dealer to becoming the president of a legitimate pharmaceutical company next. Tommy Ng tells Dwayne to save the remarks and simply meet him at Bio-Dyne later so that they could sign the proper papers to make Bio-Dyne another part of the Taylor Foundation. As Tommy gets up, he slides several pills in a container toward Dwayne stating that Bio-Dyne lacks the funds to advance the research of the drug – Sonovil, a “personality drug” that properly developed could have positive effects in controlling people prone to psychotic rages. And with that, Tommy Ng leaves.

The scene shifts back to a time when Dwayne first put on the Night Thrasher armor with Chord present. Dwayne takes off before testing the armor – choosing his first target easily – the gang member who had shot Silhouette in the back. Night Thrasher captures him and defeats him, throwing him through the window in the precinct – with the wanted sign around his neck.

The scene shifts to the present where we see Night Thrasher calling for Sprocket for a ride to Multi-Chem. As he waits, he gets a call from Midnight’s Fire in Madripoor, explaining that Silhouette had chosen to be with Bandit; someone, who as much as Midnight’s Fire hates to admit, is not anywhere near as honorable as Dwayne; and he asks Dwayne to watch over her.

The scene shifts to Multi-Chem where Night Thrasher and Tommy Ng find themselves being attacked by Silhouette and Bandit. Silhouette is furious that Night Thrasher would be associating with the very man who tainted the streets that led to Silhouette being paralyzed. Silhouette and Bandit make a quick, effective force – throwing Night Thrasher off balance. Bandit then resuming the beating of Night Thrasher while Silhouette chases the fleeing Tommy Ng. It’s not until Scorch finally turns around, after being tasered by Silhouette and uses his powers on Silhouette, scorching her. Night Thrasher breaks free of Bandit and grabs Tommy Ng by the throat. Silhouette explains that the courts should decide his fate. Night Thrasher explains that a jury would probably never convict him; and if they did, Tommy Ng was so rich that he could get the best lawyers for his defense. Another fact that who would they believe; a man who is working on a medicine to save lives, or a woman who broke into his facility? Bandit watches it unfold, knowing exactly how this would play out – driving a wedge deeper and deeper between Dwayne and Silhouette.