Nova #6 (V1)

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Nova #6 (V1)

The issue begins with Sphinx moving replicas of Nova, Condor, Diamondhead and Powerhouse on a chessboard. When his servant Kur enters, asking if there’s anything he can do for Sphinx – Sphinx urges him to leave before he loses his temper, knowing that Kur only waits for the chance to leap at possessing even a faction of the power that the Sphinx has. Sphinx then goes over to Sayge and asks if he knows anything else of the future – and when Sayge faces Sphinx, Sphinx tells him to turn away – horrified by what he sees in Sayge’s face.

Elsewhere Nova arrives at the scene of a hold up at a bank and manages to successfully foil it. Nova lands and dons on his civilian clothes and meets Bernie inside Caps’ home where Bernie confirms he’s still missing.

Another scene shift and we see Roger “Caps” Cooper soaked and tied to pipes where a man tells Roger that it is here that Caps will die – drowned by the rising sewer water. When Roger pleads for his life, the man removes his hat and reveals a featureless face explaining that when Roger pushed him into the lake, it wiped off his face – and Roger ran away leaving him there to die. The faceless man leaves, bidding farewell to Roger, leaving him to the cruel fate of drowning in sewer water.

Just outside the hospital that is holding Powerhouse; Condor and Diamondhead plan their move to free Condor’s former partner to complete their threesome. Condor flies in through the window while Diamondhead makes his way from the bottom floor, causing complete chaos in their wake. Nova arrives after getting the message in his helmet from the police radio. However, they are ready for him this time – Condor gases Nova before he can react, rendering him unconscious and into the arms of Diamondhead. They make their escape with Powerhouse and return to the Condor’s Roost. Here they strap Nova to the Condor’s Computalyzer to diagnose Nova’s powers and learn that there is an alien computer network that aids Nova. Condor concludes that with its help they will be able to defeat – The Sphinx!

Powerhouse however doesn’t want to help Condor but is forced to. He, in turn, absorbs the computer’s energy – allowing Nova to free himself from Condor’s grasp. A fight breaks out that has Powerhouse turning on Condor, but at the same time, trying to refrain Nova. Powerhouse manages to refrain Nova and Condor uses his computer to brainwash Nova – with unexpected results. Nova demands not to just be a member of their “organization” – he demands to be the leader!