New Warriors #12 (V5)

New Warriors #12 (V5)


The issue begins with Justice trying to get through the barrier around the High Evolutionary’s ship; while inside Makkari and Phastos discuss amongst each how they are beginning to doubt Zuras’ plan and the idea of the genocide machine. The machine begins to take effect on those impacted; mutants, Inhumans, those touched by Magic, those touched by Science; those who are clones; the good, the bad; it did not care who it touched, much like Death does not care. Young. Old. Male. Female. If they were something “above human” then the genocide machine sought to put an end to their existence. At that moment, a telekentic blast slams through the ship, forcing it into a crash landing. All of the New Warriors appear safe, within a telekentic bubble and when Scarlet Spider asks what that was; Speedball explains it was the “Vintage Telekentic One-Two.” And there, through the ashes, Justice emerges, furious.

Zuras commands the Eternals to attack, but this time the New Warriors pull together as a team as Justice walks towards Zuras, never slowing down. Nova manages to take out Makkari, while Silhouette teleports Titanis through the Darkforce dimension; Speedball and Haechi blast the Delphan Brothers; Sun Girl blasts Phastos’ hammer before he can strike; and Scarlet Spider webs Ajak’s eyes. Justice gets in Zuras’ face and tells him that this fight is over. Zuras tries to punch Justice with all of his strength; but Justice’s telekentic shield holds up, much to everyone’s surprise (except Justice). Justice shouts that the Celestials are not coming, there is no need for the murder of thousands of people, and manages to hit Zuras in the face. Zuras returns the favor a moment later and seems about ready to put an end to Justice, when the other Eternals stand with the New Warriors and demand an explanation.

Zuras turns on High Evolutionary, blaming him for the madness and the idea that the Celestials were coming; claiming that High Evolutionary twisted his commands. High Evolutionary begins to protest Zuras’ claims, but is blasted by Zuras. The New Warriors find this “turn” entirely too convenient and don’t buy it as the complete truth. Justice warns Zuras, that if he and the Eternals ever try to interfere in this manner again, that they will find themselves in a war that they can’t hope to win.

It ends with Justice, explaining all of this to Captain America, as to what happened. Justice explains that they’re going to make sure this never happens again. And when Captain America asks how he plans to do that – Justice replies, “We’re going to expand.”

And the final scene shows Scarlet Spider, Watersnake, Hummingbird, Night Thrasher, Rage, Nova, Speedball, Justice, Sun Girl, Haechi, Silhouette and what appears to be Kymaera (Namorita with blue skin)!*

*NOTE: It is unknown how Kymaera is standing with the New Warriors, since it’s never explained. I would personally like to assume that the Watersnake found the time displaced Namorita, from the Nova series at Project Pegasus, where during her time there, Namorita had gone the same metamorphosis that changed her into Kymaera – rather than thinking there’s a time displaced Namorita and a Kymaera version of Namorita. It’s also assumed that the man beneath the Night Thrasher armor is Donyell, as he was established as the current Night Thrasher in the previous volume of the New Warriors.