New Warriors #1 (V3)

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New Warriors #1 (Volume 3)

The issue opens up with several television executives sitting around and discussing the idea of a new reality television show. They explain that rather than being a typical reality television show they will follow a team of heroes as they go around fighting villains, but real cities, real heroes, real villains, real feelings.

The next scene is a splash page with Night Thrasher, Namorita, Nova, Speedball and the newest member to the team, Microbe. The scene takes a slight shift where we see Namorita and Nova peeking around a corner, and Namorita says that this is the stupidest idea she’s ever heard of. We then see Speedball, dressed in civilian clothes with a pizza, ringing a doorbell. After throwing a piece of pizza, we discover that it’s none other than Tigershark and Armadillo.

Instantly a fight breaks out and Tigershark and Armadillo take out Nova and Namorita, with Tigershark using Armadillo as a “wrecking ball.” Microbe finds himself being tossed aside by Tigershark only moments later. Up to bat next is Night Thrasher who manages to foil Tigershark’s attack, which buys the Warriors enough time to get the advantage once more allowing the Warriors to win the fight.

At the end of the fight, Ashley, the show’s producer explains that they will have to re-film some of the sequences. When Namorita refuses, Night Thrasher explains that they will have to do it since the company Ashley works for is funding everything since the Taylor Foundation lacks money.